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Reviewed on 2007-07-24 by J.R.




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Up next in the ol' review queue is Slutty Squirters. This is a squirting site, and most of the episodes are hardcore; and this is also an HD site. The tour has a bunch of trailers, both in HD and standard-definition. The site promises hi-def 16x9 videos, thousands of high-resolution photos, weekly updates, and access to 65 bonus sites including 7 more HD sites. Let's see how it stacks up.

The members area feels a little weird, but it's actually fairly organized and easy to get around, it just has an odd rhythm and little personality. Navigation links are found in the upper left under the big "HD". I find them a little easy to overlook just because of the page layout; they're not actually hard to see though. The photo galleries come up in a new window which has no navigation back to the site so make sure to leave the main window open. There are 5 ads in the left side of the pages, just below the links to the bonus sites pages which also look like ads.

The models here range in the skanky, moderately attractive regions. The girls will masturbate or fuck until they squirt, then usually keep going. However, I must mention that the photo sets don't usually cover the actual squirting, even when they're from episodes where you can see it happening in video. Videos run about 8 to 10 minutes per clip.

There are 21 episodes currently on the site, but the episodes are broken up into a few parts each so it's actually 9 scenes cut up into 21 clips. While individual updates aren't dated, the network updates page shows several updates for this site and it seems to have a rough 7 to 10 day update tempo.

Videos are offered in WMV for HD, and WMV and QuickTime MOV for standard-def. The HD WMVs are 1280x760 and 1996kbps bitrate. Both standard-def formats are 380x214, the WMV version's bitrate is 491kbps. All versions can be saved via a link at the bottom of the popup. Playback is smooth, though if your computer doesn't have the system resources to playback HD that well it'll play it choppy.

The HD version looks pretty good, but a tad digitized - it's got nice detail yet some areas are a little blocky in the colors. Lighting varies from a little dim to good depending on the episode. The standard-def WMVs look soft in clarity but otherwise decent. The MOV is a little digitally chewed up at times, still acceptable overall but noticeably compressed. Because of their small size, the standard-def vids can't really do full screen too well. Audio is clear and set to a fair level.

There are 22 photo galleries on this site, 9 sets for the current episodes and more sets in the photo section that are not connected to video episodes. Each set has about 125 pics; the pictures are about 682x1024 and 150kb. The photos generally look pretty good, with a smooth image, and solid focus, detail, lighting, and color - there's some sets that are a step down from that but they don't seem to be the norm.

Bonus content starts with access to 10 other HD sites in their network including an anal site, big tit, ebony, lesbian, Asian, toys, and trannies. There's also access 43 other sites in their network including 7 solo girl sites and various hardcore niches. And under "bonus video feeds" there's also 12 plug-in feeds and another 25 plug-in videos.

The first negative is that this server can be pokey, sometimes it's fine and sometimes it's slow. Also, the movies play in pop-up windows that resize the HD vids smaller than their true size, and depending on your display size won't let you scroll down the page where the link to save the clip is. And I'm not thrilled with scenes being cut up into 2 or 3 parts to stretch updates, especially when clips are only about 10 minutes.

Slutty Squirters does have HD video and does have squirting movies. The updates are semi-regular and come about 3 or 4 times a month. There's currently 9 scenes cut up into 21 episodes; the HD video looks good if not fantastic; the standard-def vids are alright but small. Photos look good but don't highlight the squirting aspect. There's a fine number of bonuses including 10 more HD sites. Ultimately, I'm going to give Slutty Squirters a measured recommendation, if you're looking for HD it's got it plus access to 10 more HD porn sites, but taking HD out of the equation it's only a so-so site.

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