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Slut Seeker

Reviewed on 03/01/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.3

Main: Reality
Additional: Threesome

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80
3 Months: $58.80

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First Impression:
What is it with us guys? Why do we want to call our sisters, wives, mothers, "sluts"? I am told that it is one of the best key words to use in promoting a sex site, followed closely no doubt by bitch, whore or the increasing popular ho. It is so disrespectful. But that seems perfectly consistent with the type of site this is. I would describe it as another one of these "women-are-so-dumb-we-can-tell-them-anything-and-trick-them into-fucking-us-on-camera". There are so many of these types of sites. It must be its own niche, "dumb broads"? The theme of the site is girls searching for work. "Watch these girls do anything for a job" the site shouts. "This dumb blond knew she was dumb and wasn’t going to get the job. She was willing to do a lot to change that." Ok. I guess I can get into the notion of a beautiful woman so dumb that I can manipulate her to do anything I want. If only life were like that. But this is fantasy and fantasy can be fun. So let’s get in there and see just how stupid the women are and what we can do to degrade and humiliate them for our pleasure.

Wow, who knew it would be we who are the dumb ones to have joined this site. I am tired of these pay sites that offer only a dozen or so videos and hope that we won’t complain because we are distracted by the shiny objects of a bunch of bonus porn sites. There are 11 video scenes on this site with the last update being just a few days ago. The update previous to that was Oct 16 2006. Today is February 23 2007. Who knows when the next update will be? This should be an easy site to review. If I look at a couple of videos I will have covered nearly 20% of the total content. That is usually more than enough to provide a really good overview.

I check out Amee who is the most recent update. Each of the videos is accompanied by photos and they are real photos 433x800 pixels, not video captures. Her video is divided into 45 one minute parts that will only be of interest to those on a dial up connections. For those of us with broadband connections the video is also available in 9 longer segments. The videos can be streamed or downloaded but there is no whole video. Amee is being interviewed for the job of suckratary. Three pseudo-Russian guys interview girls for job at as Slutka vodka girls. It is funny. I like it. They check her out closely. No cellulite. No pimples on ass. No scars. No hair. Amee is a very attractive dirty blond with beautiful natural full breasts and one of those perfect shaved clam-like pussies. The video is an American production with guys pretending to be the owners of a Vodka company seeking models to represent their vodka. The fucking is purely vaginal, an interesting anomaly in today’s anal internet. The finishing facial ejaculations are an example of how it should be done. She continues sucking both cocks well after they have deposited their offerings are her pretty face. She is not only comfortable but enthusiastic in draining as much pleasure as possible out of those penises.

The other videos I watch of Caity and Cameron are very similar in approach but not quite as enjoyable for me. I can see how the repetition of same seduction sequences could become quite tiresome after a while. I recommend beginning the video at segment 3 to get right to the sex and skip the daffy dialogue at the beginning. Crystal, a blond Brit also finishes with a very nice double facial. Interestingly, the dudes doing the interview are now phony Italians. I watch one more and decide I have seen enough. Only vaginal sex for all the girls viewed.

Slut Seeker is one of a number of reality sites you get when you sign-up. It has only 11 videos itself. It was updated a few days ago but the update previous to that was 5 months ago. It identifies itself as a reality site but a better term for this site and its ilk would be irreality sites. I found the first video I watched amusing. The quality of the bogus banter in subsequent videos was never of the same caliber. Since the dialogue is ad-libbed by non actors, it is the kind of thing that only works occasionally if the chemistry is right and the players are "on". The sex itself is quite hot but maybe a little too mechanical. The lighting is excellent and the camera work is good.

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