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Sleep Creep

Reviewed on 08/03/2008 by Crunch

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.0

Main: Fetish
Additional: Teen

1 Day Trial: $0.95 (recurs at $29.95)
1 Month: $24.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
When I saw that Sleep Creep was scheduled for a review I thought OK I haven't done one of these sites before so this should be interesting. Of course this site does not feature real sleeping girls, that would be illegal, and it is all just role play and fantasy sex. I have never tried to do this kind of thing in real life either... and I wouldn't tell you even if I did! But seriously I think there would be a lot of guys out there who really get off on this stuff; the girls look so sweet and sexy while they're sleeping and it seems like an easy score if you ask me. The guys need to be quiet though and that's not easy when you're dropping a load all over a pretty face like these babes. Sometimes the girl "wakes up" screaming at the guy, with cum all over her face, and in a state of total confusion. It's funny in a weird way.

If you had a look at the scores I gave to Sleep Creep then you might be wondering what is so bad about the navigation so I'll try to explain that quickly. Basically I think the whole design and navigation is just too cluttered; they're trying to show too much at once and give you a lot of choices but I ended up being confused for the first few minutes. For a start when you enter your username and password you get directed to the Porn Pros main site which includes content from their whole network of sites. At least you get a lot of bonus content with your membership but I would still rather be directed to the site I joined first; it's not a big deal though and I'm probably just being too picky after reviewing a lot of sites.

Now I can get down to the good stuff: checking out how good the action is in the pictures and videos. Sleep Creep lives up to the name by showing sweet sleeping girls getting undressed and fondled by a creep before he tries to score an unconscious blowjob. Most of the girls start the scene all covered up under the sheets... until the guy comes along to get his sneak peek. A lot of the scenes feature a girl sleeping in a bra and panties, which is strange enough for them to wear a bra to bed, but even stranger still are the babes who have fallen asleep almost fully clothed! But don't worry... they don't keep their clothes on for too long once the guy shows up. Sadly there is not much variety to the action, which can be expected when the babes can't react, so I ended up getting bored fairly quickly; the small amount of content didn't help either.

Sleep Creep currently has only 14 videos, which are all exclusive to the site, and are an average of 30 minutes in length. Full versions are available to download and you can also watch 1-3 minute clips of each scene. Overall I thought the video quality was just average with nothing special at all. WMV files have a size and speed of 512x288 @ 1096Kbps and MPG files are similar at 512x288 @ 1200Kbps. OK so that quality is probably better than half of the other sites out there, and this is a rare category of porn, so you might just have to try it and see.

Each video here at Sleep Creep also comes with a fairly good quality set of pictures, not screen caps from video, and these have an average of 275+ pictures in each. The majority of images have a size of 850x640 which is average just like the videos although the quality is good.

Like I said earlier when I was talking about the navigation: Sleep Creep is one site in the Porn Pros network and your membership gets you access to all of them. There are 8 bonus sites at the moment and most of them feature young babes just like this site does. So when you run out of content here, and you will, then you've still got another 8 sites to get through.

A few major issues I had with the site were the overly complex navigation, with some broken links thrown in there too, and my main problem was with the updates. There does not seem to be any regular schedule for updating this site as I can see there has been from one to three weeks between adding new stuff. The lack of updates probably comes from the fact that this category of porn is rare and the site is only a few months old.

I had to think about this for a while before stating if I recommend Sleep Creep or not... so I will try to keep it simple here. If you are really in to this kind of porn and you're not interested in anything else then you might need to look elsewhere since this ends up being a "mega site" with a lot of everything and not much of anything at the same time. With only 14 exclusive videos, and an irregular update schedule, you are going to have to visit the bonus sites sooner or later so that's why I find it hard to recommend this for hardcore sleep fans out there. I guess if you can't find another site in the same category as this then you should probably join and see what you think. Also remember that there will (hopefully) be more updates added since I did this review so you might get a nice surprise after all.

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