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Sleep Assault

Reviewed on 12/25/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.8

Main: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.86
3 Months: $64.85

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First Impression:
Well here is an interesting niche that I have not run across before. Sleep Assault is exactly what the name would seem to apply. It is a site in which sleeping women are disrobed and then sexually tampered with. Sleep Assault the name even suggests what this really is, rape. What is rape? It is the performance of penetrative sexual acts against another’s will. Most of us think of it as a violent act but the key element of its definition is that it is against the will of the person being penetrated. Clearly if you are asleep you are not a willful participant in the sexual act. That makes this a very interesting site. It is a rape site that doesn’t look like a rape site. Think of it as a soft rape site, a site of sexual fantasies many of us have had without for a moment thinking of them as rape, a beautiful naked woman, in a coma-like sleep, seductively arrayed before us. It starts out as curiosity to see more of her beautiful body and finally to see how far we might go in availing ourselves of her exposed charms. It is the sexual sleeping beauty fantasy. Interesting the text that accompanies the images of these sleeping women with cocks in their pussies makes it clear that sometimes these women are only faking sleep or have gone to sleep with the idea of being discovered and taken sexually while asleep. This is probably a wise effort to distance themselves from the rape implications of a site name Sleep Assault. I could not get any of the preview videos in the tour to play for me. 30 Sleep Assault "victims" are featured in the tour.

I click the member’s link and I am taken to the member’s area of All Inclusive Pass. The nine top rated Sex Assault girls are here. Below them are a personal welcome and a list of the most recent updates. It is not good news. They are 9/11, 9/7, 8/28, 8/26, 8/24/ and 8/21. Today is 12/1. There have not been any updates in two and a half months. By the way all the updates listed are for Hot Shemale Sluts so who knows when the last update for Sleep Assault was done. I pick Mia Bang. With a rating of 9.04 based on 1950 votes, she ranks fourth of the nine top rated Sleep Assault sets. Mia is a young blond who has been drinking vodka alone while dressed in only white panties and a tight pink tank top that accentuates her lush breasts. A guy arrives after she has passed out. He slips her breasts out of her top and fondles and sucks them. Her pink nipples respond becoming very hard. He plays with her pussy through her panties. He moves her panties aside and tongues her vagina. She conveniently rolls over while still asleep. He takes his cock out and strokes it erect, rubbing it on her lovely ass while he fingers her wet pussy. She is out cold so he can roll her over and fuck her and roll her over again to take her doggie style. In the final 5 minutes of this 27-minute video she awakens not hung over and confused and angry to discover a cock in her pussy, but with a welcoming smile. She happily sucks him off, taking his load in her mouth and then letting it dribble over her magnificent breasts. This is the first video of this type I have seen, sexual play with an unconscious woman. I find it surprisingly erotic and arousing.

The videos are offered full length in high quality MPG, high quality WMV (600 kbps), and medium quality WMV (256 kbps). They can also be viewed as one-minute clips but the downloads are so fast that you would only want to do that if you were on a dial-up modem. There are large photosets that accompany each video with 100 to 200 plus photos, 768x1024 pixels in size. There are only 30 Sleep Assault videos. That is not a lot and judging from the update information provided, future updates are likely to be rare. Nevertheless I found all the videos I watched to be well done and very arousing.

Sleep Assault is a fantasy site where men happen upon sleeping, comatose women who become their live play puppets to fondle and poke and stroke with their swollen penises. The women all awake in the final moments of being fucked and are obviously happy to continue on, showing that this soft rape fantasy was all in good fun. I was surprised by how aroused I was watching unconscious women taken in this way. There are only 30 videos and updates, if there are any, will be infrequent; but I don’t know where else to go to see this type of content.

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