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Sin Cindy

Reviewed on 07/31/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 10
Navigation: 5
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.5

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $4.87 (recurs at $39.73)
1 Month: $39.73

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Sin City is the first thing that pops into my head on seeing the name of the site but that is only natural and don’t worry, the site has none of the darkness of that great film beyond the dark hair of the supposedly sinful Cindy who is the central figure and namesake of the site. I recently reviewed one of her sister sites, Young Stacy, a site to which you also gain entry when you join Sin Cindy. I liked the Young Stacy site so my expectations are that I will like Cindy’s site. Young Stacy works well because it offers so much content beyond the featured girl. And since Sin Cindy is a part of that content I am sure I will enjoy it for the same reasons. Cindy herself is an attractive slim young brunette with piercing blue eyes, but a bit too thin for my liking. She is bisexual and we get to see her having fun with her friends that happen, co-incidentally, to be Stacy’s friends. The big attraction of the site judging from the way it is hyped in the promotional tour are the hi-definition videos that the tour claims are delivered at speeds of approximately 4 Mbps. Indeed, the sample video in the tour is a testament to the impressive quality of video that can be delivered on the net now that bandwidth costs are more affordable.

I am expecting to see pretty much the same type of content that I viewed on Young Stacy and indeed that is exactly what I find. The set up is identical to Young Stacy; just substitute Cindy’s images and videos for Stacy’s. And in fact you don’t even have to substitute because Cindy and Stacy are here together in shoots and if I recall correctly they were together in shoots on Young Stacy. Essentially it seems I am reviewing the same site. There are 30 scenes each with photos and videos. The photos are large format and good quality. The videos come in three sizes, Large, Huge and Humungous. The content/action in the videos is identical to Young Stacy. There are solo teasing scenes and solo masturbation scenes and girl/girl and multi girl scenes. The lesbian action while involving real tonguing of wet pussies seems posed and wooden which is the same observation I made of Young Stacy.

Navigating the Sin Cindy portion of the site is somewhat confusing because the bars with labels like Cindy Solo, More Cindy and Site Extras, look as though they should be pressed but when you click nothing happens. I remember now that Young Stacy had the same problem. And speaking of Site Extras, I do not consider links to Fleshlite and Adult Friend Finder and other upsells like Video Box and Adult-Rental to be extras. However Adult Rental is also available as a very significant bonus plug-in with more than 4000 DVD titles. This is a pretty amazing amount of additional content categorized so that it is super easy to find your favorite kind of porn.

Looking for some of the other features of the site I encounter seemingly superfluous pages when I click on when I click on XXX Videos and Video Themes. I can’t figure out what they are meant to differentiate. They seem almost identical and provide nothing additional to the home page except more un-linked labeled bars aching to be clicked and links to reality sites that lead you in a circle back to where you started. Back on the home page I check out the Exclusive Reality Bonus content. There are about a dozen "reality bonus sites" viewable in an awkward little box that descends or ascends the images one at a time when you click on the directional arrows. I stop at Lesbo Lessons. This reality bonus site has five videos. Curiously I have worked with three of the girls in the videos and recognize them all as Montreal porn models.

Sin Cindy is a solo girl site featuring slim Cindy and her girl friends. The Girls are Eastern European or Russian and speak no English. I recently reviewed Young Stacy, one of the sister sites of this one and one you also get admittance to with your membership. I gave Young Stacy a positive review largely because of the amount of bonus material that relieves the tedium of a solo girl site, particularly ones like this one and Stacy’s where there is no opportunity to interact with the girls. Sin Cindy delivers exactly what you get with Young Stacy, the same kind of cute girls and the same overly posed, inauthentic interaction. Because it was the second time on the site I spent more time wandering around it. It is a very confusing place to get around.

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