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Simpson Twins

Reviewed on 07/25/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
Now here is something you don't see everyday, a twins' site. The Simpson Twins are two pretty 19 year-old twins who love doing everything together. They love to masturbate together and they love to share their boyfriends and girl friends. And if one set of twins arouses new erotic fantasies within your fevered brain just think about the possibility of two sets of twins. It seems the Simpson Twins, Shaina and Shana are friends with the Milton Twins, two blond cuties seen often recently on the porn circuit. This is the first site I have ever seen offering "Twins on Twins". There is one video trailer on the tour. It is a compilation of different video shoots they have done. It is described as being medium quality with high quality available for members. The trailer reinforces the already very good impression I have of the site. I like the design of the tour and I love the idea of a twin girl site. It doubles the possibilities of the best of the solo girls' sites. It will also remain a niche not overly populated with competitors. First of all, there are not that many twins girls and not that many so young and pretty and willing and or wanting to do porn. I have seen the Milton Twins before on a number of other sites. I don't know if they have a site of there own but it was inevitable that the Miltons would meet the Simpsons. Sounds like a movie with Adam Sandler in it. Always looking for something new and different, I am anxious to get in and begin exploring what they have to offer.

I go to the first movie and that happens to be yesterday's update. Today is July 19, 2006. It is called "Making the Grade". I have no idea why. There are 6 clips. Each clip offers the options of wmv medium, wmv high, and mpeg download. I click on the wmv high. It takes a long time to buffer. It plays on a large 640x480 screen and is excellent quality. I can download the clip if I want and links under the player give me the option of going back or going to the next clip or choosing any one of the six clips. The file is so large that the video stops frequently to re-buffer. I try the medium quality wmv. It buffers quickly and streams without pause. I also download the mpeg version to check out its size. The download is slow. It never gets above 128 kb/s. The video is good quality and plays at 640x480 pixels. I chose to watch the video by streaming the medium quality wmv. An un-named girl meets the twins who are dressed in the same mauve outfits right down to their mauve panties. Soon, the girl is naked and being munched on by the twins, one on her pussy, and the other on her lips. The twins change positions and the one who was just sticking her tongue in the girl's pussy is now sticking it in her mouth. Next, both twins are giving the girl's pussy a work out. Then it is the twins turn to be pleasured by the girl who does a great job of finger fucking them while the twins kiss her and play with her ample breasts. I totally lost my erection when one of the twins says, "I am going to cum", followed quickly by the second twin who says "Me too". I start to laugh. What a disappointment. Obviously fake orgasms are worst then obviously fake breasts. These girls are not actresses.

This is a fairly new site and there are not a lot of videos yet. Of the 30 or so movies only two are with a guy. I watched both. The first one was just a blowjob with girls doing an enthusiastic job and happily taking a load on their faces. The second video finishes the same way with a different guy who fucks both twins bareback. Large format photos accompany each video. The link to "Our Extra Stuff" offers nothing really extra unless you consider links to tour pages of other pay sites a bonus.

The Simpson Twins is the first site of its kind that I have seen. It offers unique and exclusive content that you will only find here. There are only 30 or so videos at the moment, but with regular updates that will improve. I find the novelty of watching these twin teens in sexual situations very attractive. Most of the scenes with others involve only girls but there are two hot scenes with guys. And you won't want to miss the Simpson twins meet the Milton twins. Now we just have to find them a set of guy twins.

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