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Shelby Bell

Reviewed on 05/16/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.0

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
I recently reviewed Sweet Amy Lee, another solo girl site by brought to you by the same people who have this site. I liked Sweet Amy's site. Even though it looks as though she is no longer updating there was a vast amount of material in her archives and Shelby Bell was one of the pretty girls Sweet Amy had on her site. So I am happy to see that she has a site of her own. The site's tour says that it is updated very week. Sweet Amy's site hadn't been updated in months. It seems to me essential that a solo girl site be updated regularly. If we fall in love with her and she keeps us entertained she has us for who knows how long?

Shelby is a shapely blond with small pert breasts and a pretty face. She is more my preferred body-type than Sweet Amy. I click on the trailer hoping it might work. And it doesn't. There are no more trailers on the one page tour. The list of updates shows them to be virtually daily for the network of which this site is a part but I see no updates for Shelby Bell. I am beginning to thing that just like the Sweet Amy site, Shelby Bell is no longer involved with her site. This is the risk that operators of solo girl sites face. At some point the girl moves on. Now I am curious to find out if that is the case here. If so they should certainly remove the tour claim that Shelby Bell's official site is updated every week.

Her home page is set up exactly the same as Sweet Amy Lee's. To the upper right is her most recent diary entry thanking her readers for their birthday wishes. I click on it, curious to find out how recently it was added. The birthday entry is from August 2005. Sadly it seems that Shelby Bell, like Amy Lee, is no longer involved in the update of her site. There are only 6 pages of videos with 5 videos to the page. The videos range in length from 13 -25 min and are broken in to 5-minute chunks that are available in mpg and wmv formats for both lo and hi bandwidth viewers. The first video I watch has Shelby on a deserted stretch of beach in Cancun. She masturbates using a dildo while on a beach chair outside the resort. I really enjoy this video. There are video captures available for all the videos. Each video can also be downloaded and saved to your hard drive.

The majority of the videos are Shelby Bell by her self or with other women. There are a few of Shelby with a guy or with another girl and guy. Shelby is French and in at least one video I found her and the other girl only speaking French. The dialogue was incidental to the sexual interaction so that those with no French are not missing anything.

There is a separate picture section with nine pages of photo, six photo shoots to a page. Many of the shoots have over 100 pictures. I really like the slide show feature and wish that it existed on more sites that have significant photo sections.

Shelby Bell is according to her profile a well-known porn star that has graced the covers of just about every porn movie she has been in. If that is true I imagine a lot of fans might join this site hoping to have some personal interaction with her. My guess is that there is little likelihood of that happening since she does not appear to have been around for nearly a year. There is a significant amount of Shelby Bell content here and that may be enough to keep Shelby fans content but I think it will be the rest of the content available to members that will keep them renewing.

Shelby Bell is a solo girl site featuring widely filmed porn model Shelby Bell and her friends, both male and female. While the site no longer appears to be updating there is a significant amount of archived material. The site is one of many belonging to the Brain Pass Network and members have access to lots of other good quality sites. Shelby fans will be disappointed that she seems no longer involved in the site but they can console themselves with the numerous other solo girl sites they can access with their membership, including the ubiquitous Christine Young.

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