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She Got Pimped

Reviewed on 04/13/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.8

Main: Black
Additional: Interracial

3 Day Trial: $4.95
7 Day Trial: $9.95
1 Month: $39.95

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First Impression:
She Got Pimped is not going to be a site where black women are honoured and shown respect. Here they "Hook these black teens up a slutty extreme makeover". This "reality" site offers "All real. All exclusive pimped black teens". I like the concept. It's sort of like MTV's pimp my car idea. Pimp is one of those neat English words that has evolved in meaning. Getting pimped out is good. The images to illustrate the trailers for this site show young black women dressed like ordinary schoolgirls. After they are pimped out they look like slutty hookers. Ok. This is good. We seem to have the real meaning of pimp here. And once the former nice young girl is properly accessorized with a big dick in her mouth, she truly looks transformed. I think the concept has the potential to work really well and I have to congratulate the site owners on coming up with the idea. After looking at a number of the trailer videos I note a flaw in the concept's realization. It seems the guys doing the pimping of these black girls are white. Ok, I know that there is nothing written in stone that says a white dude can't be a pimp but come on. The whole pimp culture is black. I appreciate the fact that so many trailers are offered. It gives one a very good idea of the site's content. The trailers are large 640x480 pixel format. Let's go inside and see how the white guys do as pimps.

The home page features Cali, the most recent update. Below her is access to another 20 bonus sites. I click on Cali's link that says view all her pictures and videos now! A page with 12 thumbnails opens up. Cali is the update for Mar 24 2006. That is not so impressive since today is April 05 and the update previous to Cali's was March 24. So the site appears to update only twice a month. When you consider that there are only 25 "she got pimped" videos in total, that is not very much for your money if you are here to see this specific kind of content.

Under Cali's thumbnail are links to pictures or video. I click on the pictures just to quickly confirm they are video captures from the video. What a nice surprise, they are real photos. There are nine pages of them with a very nice facial finish for you facial fans out there. A slide-show feature would be a good addition to the site. I click on the video link. There is a choice of windows media or quick time for you apple lovers. The videos come in 3 speeds 56 kps, dsl, and broadband. The net must be congested because the broadband download keeps buffering. The pick up is line is "do you want to be on a make over show on TV". What young girl can resist that? Anyway Cali falls for it and goes to studio with the guy. She is asked to change into something that looks to me more sexy than slutty. Soon she is sucking the cock of a big tattooed guy named Oscar who is the director. The video is divided into 7, 5-minute parts. After 20 minutes of familiar fucking he comes on her face.

I click on Shamiqua. The format is almost exactly the same. It just takes a little longer to seduce her but she is fucked and soon takes the customary big load on her face, although she seems happier about it than Cali did. I check out Kapri next, same format but different white guy. She seems the least afraid the semen shower she receives at the end of the shoot. Some of the girls are happy to have been pimped, others are not greatly pleased to learn that the reality show they are appearing on "Is she got pimped".

I look at another 4 videos and find them all boringly similar. I quickly lose interest in things that are too repetitively the same. The theme of the site could have been handled better. In the end it comes across as one of those "We duped the silly chicks" sites. If you like that sort of thing and if you like white guys fucking black girls this site will work for you. There is an immense amount of content available in the bonus sites and, even if this site is only updating twice a month, there are updates occurring almost daily on one site or the other.

This is an acceptable white guys fucking black chicks site. There is not a lot of content on the site but it is augmented by a lot of good quality content on its many bonus sites. I thought the site's concept was fantastic but was disappointed in its execution.

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