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She Gapes

Reviewed on 10/02/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.5

Main: Anal sex

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
If you're looking for in-your-face anal gaping, the tour of She Gapes has exactly that. The tour shows chicks ranging from cute to slutty (and I mean that in a good way!) with their assholes pulled wide open after a good hard fucking. The tour promises over 80+ girls with gaping asses, 20 bonus sites as well as exclusive content and movies offered in multiple formats. Does the member area live up to the promises on the tour? Let's find out!

The main member page starts off with a navigation bar near the top of the page. Next comes a list of all the recent updates in the network including the most recent update of She Gapes, which was today. Next comes the 4 latest updates which are all each exactly one week apart. Underneath are the highest rated videos and pic sets followed by an ad (it's a single sentence) and then all the sites in the network. Then on the left are 4 more bonus sites and on the right is an ad for pay per view followed by another ad and finally support links. This is a well organized page, although I wasn't thrilled with the ads.

There are currently 60 videos inside the member area of She Gapes, and while that's a fairly good amount, it's not the 80+ episodes we were promised. Still, 60 videos isn't too shabby, and these vids can be downloaded or streamed quickly with no issues or problems.

Each video here is offered in 4 formats - WMV, MPG, QuickTime and MP4. The MPGs and QuickTime vids are offered at 1000k, the MP4s for iPod at "standard" and the WMVs at 3 speeds - 700k, 1100k and 2100k. It probably won't surprise you to know that the 2100k WMVs are the best quality videos, shown at 720x480 at good amateur quality. These look pretty good and lose only a little quality if you choose to go full screen. The MPGs, QuickTimes and 1100k WMVs are not quite as high quality, but they are still good amateur quality, although at full screen you will have some small issues. The videography here isn't pro quality but don't worry - those used to real amateur videographers will be pleasantly surprised by these videos.

The videos at She Gapes each come with a set of pics. Good news here is that these pics aren't vidcaps - they're digital stills. Even better, they're good sized, most shown at around 819x1229. These are pretty good amateur pics and can be browsed in thumbnailed galleries, downloaded as zip files or watched as a hands-free slide show. There's an ad above each gallery and an ad below, but they aren't particularly intrusive.

The action in the episodes is pretty hot, and the girls seem to be horny and nasty - always a plus. I saw a lot of hard anal pounding in these videos, much more vigorous than most girls can take a cock in the ass. I didn't see as much gaping as I expected to in some of the videos, although in others anal honeys are showing off their freshly fucked assholes. All in all, these videos are dirty and nasty - just the way porn is supposed to be.

In addition to the She Gapes pics and videos, members also get access to 21 porn bonus sites including a couple other anal sex sites - Rectal Rooter and Destroy That Ass. Other bonus site niches include Asian, interracial, cum eating, big cocks, college fucking, creampies and plenty more. Members also get access to 5 teen sites, each featuring a cute fresh-faced teen.

My main issue with She Gapes is a navigation issue. From time to time I would click a page and end up having to log in again. Sometimes I'd hit back and go to the home page and try the link again and it would work without asking for my password. Annoying, but no real problem. My only other issue were the ads inside the member area, some of which didn't look like ads, which made it easy to click them by accident.

While She Gapes doesn't have the 80+ episodes the tour promises, the 60 videos they do have is a pretty fair collection that is always growing thanks to regular weekly updates. While I've seen better quality vids, these are pretty good and they are offered in enough formats to make sure pretty much everyone is able to watch them. All the movies are downloadable if you find something you want to add to your collection, and each video comes with a set of downloadable photos. The site comes with a good selection of bonus sites, as well, and the only real issues I had were navigation issues. For those who like watching girls get their asses stretched out by huge cocks and then opened wide, She Gapes is definitely worth a visit!

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