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Sex and Submission

Reviewed on 08/23/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.7

Main: Bdsm

1 Month: $29.95
2 Months: $49.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
Lucky me, another site to review. And this one sounds pretty enticing, Sex and Submission. This would seem to be an explicit statement of the essence of the network and what it has been evolving toward from its very beginnings. As has grown it has responded to its viewers and life’s own demand for more sex. Krisnamurti says when life has no meaning sex becomes its meaning. And if you have not on faith accepted what others are telling you is the meaning of life and have not yet found your answer, you may find sex is interim answer. And is not an orgasm our own personal big bang, one we might get to enjoy every day or more often even. Hogtied, the progenitor of all other sites was the first to increasingly satisfy the urge to sexually play with those beautiful women bound in such exposed and sexually available positions. It began with arousing them with gloved hands and vibrators and moved on to the more explicit scenes I described in my review of Hogtied. The theme is continued in Men in Pain, The Training of O, Water Bondage, Whipped Ass, all sites I have reviewed that belong to and all sites that mix sex and submission. So I am expecting Sex and Submission to be the distillation of the sexually energy, the cognac derived from the fine wine of its other sites.

The sites 10 page promotional tour reveals all to be found inside. I recognize some of the women from other sites. I also recognize Mark Davis as one of the principal tormentors here. I don’t know Mark Davis but I have seen him a lot. He has been in dozens of porn videos on numerous sites and as a person who views a lot of porn I am tired of seeing him. It is disappointing to me that he appears in so many of the videos here and long time readers of my reviews will know how fatigued I become looking at the same cock too often. Happily there are other male leads here and I will be able to limit my Mark exposure. It is unlikely that there are many others like me who suffer a Mark phobia.

The interior of the site is set up in exactly the same manner as the other sites of and I will refer you to my reviews of those sites if you wish the details. With Sex and Submission, rather than downloading the videos I choose the streaming version of the shoot. This is a shorter version of the complete video that you will get by downloading the collective zip files. The streamed versions seem to average between 40 and 50 minutes and are only available as Real videos. The quality, while not as good as the downloaded version, is nevertheless still very good. The video streams rapidly and soon you are able to jump ahead in the movie if you so wish. My first video stars Steven St. Croix and Holly Wellin a slim brunette from England. This is Holly’s first venture into the world of BDSM and sex. She is really put to the test for a first timer including being fucked vaginally and anally. In her debriefing interview after the session, amongst the things she really liked was the electric wand and amongst the things she didn’t like were the condoms. I must say I agree on the condoms. They are an unsightly encumbrance and remind me of the early days of Hogtied when women’s vagina’s were probed by latex-covered finders. I sort of understand the health and political aspects of it, but with many spit exchanges and facials here, surely there is a contradiction on the health front. I just find condoms aesthetically awkward. And speaking of spit, there is way too much of it here. Mark Davis is perhaps the worst of the sputum spouters. All this mucous is too reminiscent of earthworms copulating. The other general observation I make of the site after viewing a half dozen videos, is that it seems more like a Women in Pain site than my idea of submissive sex. That said the sex is hot. The sex is kinky and you will not find its like elsewhere, except maybe on another site.

Sex and Submission is another great site from although it is my least favorite of all the sites I have reviewed. That is because my own idea of submissive sex does not involve the same emphasis on pain that is depicted here. I am also a tad squeamish when exposed to excessive mucous and saliva secretions and there is just too much spitting going on here for me. This interestingly is something occasionally debated in the member’s forums where there those, like me, who abhor the slime, and other who simply love it.

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