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Scar 13

Reviewed on 08/23/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 4
Overall: 5.8

Main: Goth/punk

1 Month: $19.98
3 Months: $58.95
1 Year: $99.00

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Scar 13 is a gothic lovely into scarification, tattoos, arts, the erotic and fetishes. Her site tour includes a look at her in pics and words. We see pics of her in a variety of very sexy outfits and with a variety of looks. She also tells us about her favorite food, her favorite stage performance (girl/girl S&M scenes), her favorite cities and mentions that she often goes without underwear. The small sample pics on the tour show Scar in outfits ranging from nothing at all to gothic to classic stripperwear. Having gotten to know a little about her, I can't wait to see the member area of her site!

There are currently 166 photo galleries inside Scar 13. The pics here are mostly shown at around 600x900, although some of the newer pics are shown just a little bit larger. Quality here is average, but it's hard to notice since the lighting is done artistically, which makes the pics seem higher quality. Most are done in a sort of classic centerfold way but with a goth look, not only in the model's look but also the lights and some of the locations.

The pics inside Scar 13 are shot with professional lighting, often in a studio. Scar not only has a variety of outfits, but also a variety of looks. In addition to her punk/goth vibe, the variety of looks makes her an exciting model. The pics tend more toward erotic and artistic than to downright sexually explicit. While there's plenty of lingerie, panties and breasts showing, don't expect too much pink - although there is some there. The 2-girl shoots I checked out were beautifully done but again, expect graceful kissing and posing more often than anything else - you won't see too much real action here.

One thing that might be worth mentioning here is that some of Scar 13's older photo sets weren't shot for her site - they were shot for other sites in the same network. They not only have the watermarks of the other site, but the lighting is different. It's brighter and more typical of a photo studio where most of the pic sets shot for the site tend toward moody and artistic lighting that suit the model better IMO.

The site currently offers 10 videos shown at 320x240 - 9 WMVs and 1 QuickTime movie. The WMVs have a bitrate of 256k, so while they look okay, don't expect too much from them if you go full screen. Most of the movies show Scar 13 either playing with a girlfriend, including kissing and some nipple and pussy play, or posing for a photoshoot. Most of these vids run from just over 2 to 5 minutes, although I did find one that was over 9. The QuickTime movie is different than the other 9 movies because it is so short - around 30 seconds - and that Scar is in the distance in it.

Good news if you like what you see if that the videos can all be downloaded and do not use DRM. More good news is that they have fairly good sound, although often the girls don't make much sound as they kiss and finger each other.

The NEWS section inside Scar 13 isn't really news - it's Scar's blog. In the blog, you'll find lots of info about what she's been up to and tons of photos from the events she attends as well as her very different looks for each event. If you love goth stuff as much as I do, these pics will delight you. Some are very sexy where others show her at clubs and partying.

One other thing worth mentioning. On the right side of gallery listings you will see comments in a column. Click any one to be transported to the message board on goth-themed Blue Blood. Scar herself as well as the photographers from her site and many other interesting people post there and the subjects are varied.

One thing I didn't see was dates on the content inside the site. It's impossible to know how often Scar 13 updates or when each set was added. With over 160 pic sets, it's a good guess that the site does update but how often is anybody's guess.

Scar 13 is a sort of mixed bag for me. I loved a lot of the photo sets! I thought they were beautiful and erotic and that made me wish that the pics were bigger than the medium size they are. Also while the quality is good, I wished it were even better because I liked the pics so much. The ten movies would definitely have been better bigger, but at 320x240, they're doable - and downloadable. And Scar's blog is a great way to get to know her and know more about the L.A. goth scene. If you're a goth girl lover who likes what you see on the tour, and have a preference for photos over videos, Scar 13 is a site you won't want to miss!

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