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Round Juicy Butts

Reviewed on 01/05/2008 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 5
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 5.8

Main: Ass

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Who rights this stuff? I love butts. I love round butts. But a juicy butt is not something I can relate to. We are not talking about oranges or other fruits here where juicy might be an appropriate adjective. Round juicy peaches are appealing; round juicy butts less so. A juicy vagina I understand but a juicy butt, just from where is that juice emanating? This non sequitur emanates from the same folks who described breasts in the last site I reviewed as "juicy flesh floppers". Scrolling through the promotional tour for the site reveals many fine looking round butts. This is a site I could get excited about but I know what I am likely going to find inside. This is one of those sites that lead to a common area full of video scenes taken from hundreds of DVDs. As a DVD video site it represents good value but as site featuring the content displayed on the tour its value remains to be seen. I was disappointed by the paucity of content in the last two sites I reviewed. Both had less than 30 scenes taken from DVDs. I am curious to see how many I will find here but my experience with sites that entice us with all the extra bonus material has often not been good. This site claims "all exclusive content". That implies the material was created exclusively for the site. They also claim the site is "updated weekly with hot new girls". This I strongly doubt but now my curiosity is highly aroused. Will this site be different from the many others they have that all take you to the same place?

Round Juicy Butts is another pay site that does not merit the appellation. There are only 23 scenes. The last update was just on December 20, 2007. But there was a break in updates between May 9 and November 19; so much for their claim to update every week with hot new girls. What about their claim of exclusivity. The content is derived from 5 DVDs in a series entitled Round Juicy Butts 1 through 5. I suppose that is why they claim the content is exclusive. Also it looks as though the content might have been shot for a website before it was put onto DVDs. The fact that there are real photos of the women in the shoot rather than video captures which one finds on many of their other sites also suggests that content was intended for the site. I have done that sort of thing myself, turned web content into DVDs.

As to the content itself, it is very repetitive in format and not particularly erotic. The scene usually starts with guy on couch waiting for the girl. The girl comes in through door. She shows her pantied butt and in some videos it gets measured. Her butt is then oiled and caressed before we get to a pretty standard sucking and fucking and sucking sequence. The fact that each girl gets her butt oiled is likely what lead them to describe the site as juicy butts. But a more descriptive denomination might have been oily pimply butts or oily cheesy butts. Too many of the women here suffer form the cottage cheese curse that is cellulite.

Technically everything on the site works well. Each video streams rapidly in a flash format that allows you to almost immediately move around anywhere in the video. This is extremely handy for me because it lets me look at every one of the 23 videos, well more accurately portions thereof. And if you want to keep any of the videos you can download to your iPod or store them on your hard drive in WMV of AVI format. The AVI version is very good quality even when played at full screen. There are not many videos here I would want to keep myself but there is one girl, Cindy, who has the prettiest pussy I have seen since I shot Emily. You know the kind, perfect oyster shape with large puffy lips that completely hide the inner labia.

Round Juicy Butts is another one of those pretend paysites with limited content that is updated irregularly if it is ever updated. Its purpose is to bring you into a common core of thousands of scenes taken from hundreds of DVDs. The content of Round Juicy Butts is repetitive and unimaginative and the women are fairly ordinary. There are 100 plus bonus sites. Hopefully that will be enough to make you feel less dissatisfied for having joined this one.

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