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Right off the Boat

Reviewed on 01/08/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.5

Main: Reality

2 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80
3 Months: $58.80

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Right off the bat I like the concept of Right off the Boat. It is the premise for a believable reality web site. It seems very believable to me that a woman newly arrived in the United States of America, without any resources, might well turn to sex work as a way of surviving. It also means that the quality of English of these women is not likely to be very good and in this case that will be a plus as opposed to the growing number of east European and Russian porn sites where the lack of English can be frustrating to an American viewer. The tour features nine very attractive young women and some of the lamest text that I have ever read confirming the site’s intent to sexually exploit the new arrivals to the land of liberty and opportunity. Forget the promotional text and just look at the women. They are beauties. I click on one of the women to see her trailer. Trailers are offered in three speeds, 56k, DSL, and cable. Both the cable and DSL samples play at 512 kbps. This is somewhat disconcerting. The sample is quite adequate in quality but why give the impression that three speeds are available when they are not? This undermines my initial favourable impression of the site. I look around for how often the site is going to be updated. There is no mention of updates but on the join page I discover that with my membership I get access to a lot of other sites. Given my experience of a number of these networks and the fact of the fiddle with the trailer speeds I now do not expect very much of this site.

Right off the Boat is an Adult Reality Pass site, one of a bunch in a drop down menu where I must enter my log-in. Very much as I expected; there is little content here. There are eleven videos in total. A message of welcome tells me I have access to all the reality sites and that they update multiple times weekly. Below that a dropdown menu presents the latest updates and it does look as though there is an update somewhere in the network several times a week. I scroll down. Right off the Boat was last updated a month a go, December 5, 2006. Today is January 5, 2007. It looks like we can expect an update for this particular site every month. I click on Vanda, the most recent update. Her video is divided into 37 one-minute fragments with the choice of large or small. The large format is 352x240 pixels. There is no streaming option. You must wait for the movies to download. They are mpeg files so Apple and PC users both can see them. 8 larger segment versions of the movie are available only in WMV format that gives many Apple users trouble. The WMV segments stream. The windows media files (WMV) are available in two speeds, 56k and DSL/cable. This is how the tour trailer viewing options should be described rather than giving the false impression that there are three viewing options. Download speed is an unimpressive 175 kb/s.

I love Vanda’s hard natural body. The set up for the sexual action in the scene is as lame as the text in the tour. It gets even lamer after you have looked at half a dozen videos that have the same non-varying pattern. The same bald-headed guy gets the same phone call at the beginning of each scene from a friend who is sending some bimbo right off the boat. The doorbell rings she arrives with the luggage and a note from said phone caller. Within two to three minutes she is talked out of her clothes and soon has bald guy’s cock in her mouth. The sexual action itself is intense and varied, culminating in anal intercourse and a facial. The girls are all attractive and nearly all have beautiful natural bodies. Tera is my favorite. What a body. The idea for the site is a good one but it is so amateurishly acted that the scene, other then the sex, is just not believable. There are picture sets that accompany each video and were shot at the same time as the video. They are not video captures.

With the exception of the amateurishly acted sets-up to the scenes and the limited amount of content, Right off the Boat has some redeeming qualities. The women are beautiful and the sex is hot. The site is one "reality" site in a network of "reality" sites. So the action offered on the bonus sites is very similar to that offered on Right off the Boat and that might make up in part for the paltry amount of content on the site.

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