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Real Teens Kissing

Reviewed on 12/17/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.7

Main: Lesbian
Additional: Teen

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Real Teen Kissing makes me wonder if they are talking about real teens or real kissing. I am going to guess it is the former. Heaven knows we have all seen too many a site claiming to offer teens who are obviously not teens. Real kissing is just too profound a question to want to delve into it any further. The other thing that I am struck by is the site’s claim to have "The web’s hottest teen lesbian action!" Invariably it has been my experience that sites with super-sized superlatives fall short of the expectations they create. I do like the tour’s design and I like the idea of focusing on the girls kissing. We don’t see enough kissing in porn. Maybe it is too intimate. Ha! The tour is large and with many photos showing us what we will see in the videos and inviting us to download the full videos. Strangely for a site that is promoting its videos, there is no sample video. I can find no indication of how frequently the site updates, never a good sign and on the join page I learn that as a member I will receive access to 90 bonus sites. This is another bad sign. More often than not paysites with no information on updates but with lots of "bonus" sites, are just collection of plug-ins and expired websites or websites with minimal content. There are twenty-five kissing girls in the tour. I am curious to see how many there are in the site. They look lovely by the way.

The Real Teens Kissing members area tells us that the site is updated daily. I click on the latest updates. Sure enough there are updates for every day of this week as well as updates for the previous week and the updates for next week. None of the updates for this week include Real Teens Kissing. None of the updates for next week include Real Teens Kissing and none of the updates for the previous four weeks include Real Teens Kissing. That is as far back as I went. Below the "Latest Updates" that appear to have nothing to do with Real Teens Kissing there is a link to the "Featured Series" where they highlight some of the hottest scenes from Real Teens Kissing. I click the link. There are 9 pages of Real Teens Kissing with six scenes to a page. At first I am pleasantly surprised but then as I look more closely I see that some of the scenes pictured don’t have any video associated with them. I click through nine pages. There are only 19 videos in total on Real Teens Kissing. However in a drop down menu for the videos there are 24 of them. Go figure. I don’t think you should be expecting too many updates of this site in the future.

The videos can be streamed in low, med or high quality, in segments or as the full movie. The full movie can also be downloaded in medium (512 kbps) and high (1024 kbps) quality. Downloads are rapid, over 400 kb/s. The Real Teens Kissing videos are all the work of Paul Markham a well-known (to webmasters) content supplier to adult web sites. What I find comical is that in the drop down series menu under scene information are the words Bargain B. I know, as a Webmaster myself, that Paul Markham has discounted sales. Are these picture sets from his Bargain Basement? It is curious that the Webmaster would not have relabeled Mr. Markham’s content. The girls in the videos are Eastern European and will be generally unknown to North American surfers. They are young and pretty and the action is sufficiently engaging although Markham could have done a better job of editing so that his direction to the girls is less evident.

Real Teens Kissing is part of a network of sites that is made up of DVDs that have been ripped and cut into segments. There have not been any updates of Real Teens Kissing in over a month and new updates are not anticipated. The network itself is updated daily with as many as a dozen new video scenes. There are lots of lesbian scenes amongst all sorts of other niches if that is what you want; but if you are looking for the specific scenes depicted in the tour expect to see no more than what is offered in the tour.

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