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Reviewed on 2006-07-30 by Frank




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Have you seen videos of girls cumming in gushers? Have you wondered whether they were fake or real? Female ejaculation, does it exist? I must admit to having been a sceptic. I figured it was just pee or the girl was holding a whole bunch of water in her vagina and thrust it out to get the shot. I have come to believe, from sites like the one I am about to review, that it is real and not just because the site says it is but because I have a friend that is in the adult business and she has shot for a squirting site and discovered that she is a squirter. Not every girl is. This explanation is taken from the site’s tour, "Girl cum is NOT pee. It's closer in composition to men's prostrate fluid. It's sometimes clear or milky, the tastes differ. Even if it shoots through the urethra, it's not pee. When stimulating the G-spot and clitoris, the paraurethral gland fills up with fluid. At the time of orgasm, the contractions expel the accumulated fluids in powerful gushes. A squirting orgasm is stronger than any other sexual pleasure a girl can feel. I think every girl should live it at least once. Real Squirt shows you girls enjoying their first true orgasms and a few tips if you'd like to bring them to the next level in female pleasure."

The tour has six pages of video captures of girls squirting, sometime copious quantities of whatever it is that comes out of them. There is only one trailer. Be patient as it takes time to download before it will play. I guess they do it in an mpeg format so that Apple viewers will be able to see it too. Ah I see my friend and favorite erotic model Sunny Lee is on this site. She is called Yumi Lee here. They didn’t quite get her other stage name Yumi U correct. Anyway she is yummy and I would join this site just to see her squirt from that tight shaved twat of hers. There are lots of other cuties here like Christine Young. I want to see her squirt too. And introducing all these lovely girls to their first ejaculating orgasm is the lovely and appropriated named Cream.

On entering the site I am not taken directly to Real Squirt but rather to the home page of Pornstar Network, where the featured site is Real Squirt. There are 63 videos on Real Squirt and 6 photo shoots which is a lot of content in itself, but pausing to look around the Pornstar Network, it pales in comparison to the overall content available. Not only do they show you today’s updates they provide you with thumbnails of all the updates to come for the next two weeks. I don’t see any updates for Real Squirt planned over that time so I am guessing the site updates every month. I page through Real Squirt’s video section looking for Yumi. Her video is in 4 parts and can be streamed immediately or downloaded and saved both as a wmv file and as an mpeg file. There is no full version of the video. Each of the parts is 5 minutes in duration. Oh, cool, when she is introducing Yumi, Cream tells us that Yumi is back for a second time. They kiss. Yumi’s nipples harden as Cream caresses her breasts under her shirt. The girls lick each other nipples to hard points that press together when they kiss. Quickly Yumi is naked with Cream’s hand in between her legs rubbing her moistening cunt. After Yumi’s first squirting orgasm Cream brings out a large dildo. Yumi lies her ass in the air, Cream kneeling between her legs fucking her with the dildo. This is a very hot video.

There are 23 pages of videos. While the movies download very rapidly (300kb/s), it is very slow going slog searching through the video pages. I finally find Christine Young and am a little disappointed to see that hers, is a solo video and a bit surprised to discover so many solo girl videos, Cream herself be the most frequent example. But don’t get me wrong there are lots of videos of Cream working her magic on the pussies of other pretty girls.

Real Squirt is not only a highly erotic site; it is one where you will learn something. I have a woman friend who likes to watch gay porn because she says the guys can’t fake it. That is the feeling I have watching the girls on this site. Real Squirt has 63 exclusive videos. In addition members have access to a whole bunch of other excellent pay sites with more content then most people will ever have time to look at. And I happen to know that Yumi recently shot another video with Cream.

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