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Real DP Dolls

Reviewed on 12/28/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 6.3

Main: Threesome

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Double penetration has always interested me from a mechanical point of view. These are the real sexual athletes of the porn world, both the guys and the girls. How often do we see the woman hoisted between two guys a cock in her anus and another in her vagina? You have to be in pretty good shape to participate in these kinds of sexual calisthenics. This sexual activity, once relatively rarely seen in porn films seems now to have become a necessary part of the sexual repertoire of any aspiring porn actress along with having anal sex. And I guess if you enjoy or endure anal sex it is only natural that you move on to using both orifices at the same time. Double penetration could also mean two penises in the vagina at the same time or the rarer two penises in the anus at the same time. The latter seems to me would be very uncomfortable but I guess this is the sort of thing that those who engage in this kind of activity work up to over time.

Paging through the tour for Real DP Dolls it looks like the double penetration here is of the classic kind, anus and vagina. Real DP Dolls is another one of those sites claiming uniqueness on the internet, "the most raw hard core sex action ever recorded" and "The only site of its kind!" How many times have these hyperbolic headlines ever been true? Zero in my experience and usually they lead to what is a very mediocre site. Have these webmasters never heard of the adage, "under promise and over deliver"? The site's theme is one of dolls coming to life for the purposes of dual probing. Will they have "Weekly updates of all new fuck dolls"? I highly doubt it. Who knows I might be surprised. Let’s have a look.

That’s one thing you can count on with these folks, absolutely no surprises. The site was last updated over six month ago, June 9, 2007. It is today Dec 28, 2007. There are 29 scenes here. They are drawn from 6 DVDs. The pictures are just video captures from the scenes. And while there are scenes where the women pretend to be dolls that come alive and what to be fucked in every hole, even that is not consistent. The June 9 update begins with a brunette teasing us seductively in her bra and panties before entering a house to suck and fuck and take two very big dicks into pussy and butt. This is just your typical no nonsense porn flick from a typical no nonsense DVD entitled Double Impact 2.

If you are looking for the dolls, they draw from DVDs entitle Fuck Doll Sandwich 1 through 4. I guess when they ran out of Fuck Doll Sandwich DVDs they went to the more general double penetration kind with titles like Double Impact. Given that there must be literally hundreds of double penetration DVDs on the market I find it very peculiar that they gave up 6 months ago trying to update the site. I suspect it is because the site serves no other purpose than to get you to join. One inside hopefully you will forget why you joined and be enthralled with your access to hundreds of scenes from hundreds of DVDs. Only 20 or so scenes will actually have a doll that comes to life and begs you to plug her pussy while allowing access her anus to someone else.

A life-like doll that that you can do anything with is a lovely fantasy particularly if, like Pinocchio, she becomes a real girl. That’s even better than the $3000 dolls you can buy now a days that let you live your fantasy. I guess a $3000 hooker would also serve that purpose but she is not reusable without your costs sky rocketing.

Videos can be downloaded or streamed. The highest quality stream is only 512 kbps on a small 320x240 pixel screen. I prefer to download the 1024 kbps version which still looks good when played at full screen.

Real DP Dolls does not deliver on the claims in its tour. It is not "the only site of its kind". It does not provide "the most raw hard core sex action ever recorded", and it does not provide "Weekly updates of all new fuck dolls". The last update was almost 7 months ago. They ran out of fuck doll material and update with standard double penetration scenes if double penetration scenes can ever be described as standard. The site has 29 scenes form 6 DVDs, Fuck Doll Sandwich 1-4 and Double Impact 1-2. The videos are only available in WMV format.

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