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Real Arizona Amateurs

Reviewed on 10/16/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.0

Main: Amateur

3 Day Trial: $4.97 (recurs at $34.97)
1 Month: $29.97
3 Months: $59.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Arizona - hot, dry, full of cactus and cows. Who knew there were some hot desperate women living there that need cash real bad and are willing to fuck and suck on camera for it? Today we're going to look at a site called Real Arizona Amateurs. What do these Arizona amateurs look like? What will they do for money? Let's click on the members entrance link and find out.

The layout is simple: navigation links at the top, then a big thumb with the latest update is just below and hard to miss. Click on either the "watch videos" or "view pictures" link to get what you want. News is off to the right as well as a site jump dropdown menu for the bonus sites. And just below that are links to the rest of the episodes. Links to bonus sites follow, links to recommended sites are after, and now we've reached the bottom of the page where we'll find the usual legal stuff and the same navigation links as we saw at the top of the page.

Real Arizona Amateurs content collection contains both videos and pictures. The amount of videos they offer numbers 17. Two different formats are offered: WMV and MPEG. The WMVs come in 3 streaming speeds - hi, med and lo - while MPEG is only offered in one speed and that is hi. Screen sizes are as follows: wmv hi - 640x480 @759kbps, wmv med - 320x240 @503kbps, wmv lo - 320x240 @331kbps. Our only mpeg option is shown at 584x480. Keep in mind that not all of the clips have the same options. There are no dates on the videos past or present.

The action in Real Arizona Amateurs consists of standard hardcore fare. A mixed bag of straight, interracial, lesbian, group, and solo scenes. The talent involved are mixed as well, white, black, and Latin amateurs form the acting pool and probably are indeed amateurs. Most of the chicks are cute and ages vary from their 20's up into their 40's.

The quality of these videos is amateur to just slightly above. Lighting is ok, sound is ok and choice of angles and composition are also ok - all the earmarks of do-it-yourself porn video production. These clips look surprisingly good at 100% screen size. The faster video offerings look pretty good at the full screen setting but don't try this on any of the lower video sizes. The mpegs, however, seemed to have some trouble in my computer as they appeared jerky and slow. Here's why: mpeg isn't a streaming format so what you'll see is basically a slideshow. Try downloading the mpegs and go fetch a tasty snack or a light dinner - you'll have plenty of time to eat while you wait but the mpegs play fine when saved first to your harddrive.

When viewed in the Firefox browser, the embedded video player is small and deformed. Switching to Internet Explorer fixes that problem though. Also clicking on the handy link under the embedded player that says "click here to play movie from your computer" will bring up your default video viewer and the movies will play just fine.

Ok, now let's move on to the picture content. Vidcaps are your only choice here at Real Arizona Amateurs - take it or leave it. Between 10 and 140 pics are offered per episode and screen size is 750x562 for all. Different features are added to make things interesting such as a slide show, different sized thumbnails, and various forward and backward controls. Quality is typical amateur vid cap stuff - hit or miss - with the bulk of the caps being reasonably clear and visible while some are just useless.

On to the bonus content. Real Arizona Amateurs has a plump selection of other stuff to look at with your password and includes 26 sites featuring a wide spread of porn. Everything from big asses to Asians, to teens, to group orgies - a wide palette of videos and pictures to keep you busy.

So far this is a decent site but a couple of things suck and here they are: 1) The mpeg problem. You can work around this by downloading the clips but this is gonna take a long time. 2) The action is repetitive. Same positions, nearly the same settings, and an undercurrent of dullness prevail through the videos resulting in episodes with no real heat save for one clip of some lesbian group shower action which showed promise. 3) No dates on anything. Gotta have those dates on the content or it looks like you don't care anymore about the members once they buy in. 4) Vidcaps only - no digital stills. This is ok but buying a digital camera - even a cheap one - shows effort and members will appreciate better pics.

To wrap it up, Real Arizona Amateurs is an average site representing amateurs who might actually live in Arizona. The site layout and navigation is good, the videos look good in their bigger and faster versions, but not as good in the smaller ones. Vidcaps are acceptable in an amateur site and you'll get enough of them here, but no digital stills. There are plenty of working bonus sites and content to keep you busy. The site is small with only 17 videos. If genuine amateur porn is your thing, who not go ahead and check out Real Arizona Amateurs.

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