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Reviewed on 2006-11-20 by Frank




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The first thing that pops into my head when I think of Pussy Pinata is some kind of BDSM site devoted to pussy torture. I have an image of pussies being beaten, not necessarily by blindfolded people with sticks. Anyway I can reassure you that that is not the theme of Pussy Pinata, although I think it would be an appropriate theme to go with the name. Here the emphasis, judging from the tour, is on Latin pussy and I guess the Piñata they figure is a useful symbol of Latin culture and women. Go figure. The tour has a very generous number of trailers, 12, so we get a good idea of what they have inside. The girls look good and the action is energetic. TT Boy seems to be frequently featured in the videos. The site claims to be updated weekly but who knows what the actual experience will be. Having visited some of the sites in this network before, I know that they number their content and do not provide dates for when then the content is entered. I am guessing we will find the same thing here.

There are 72 episodes. I click on episode 70. It is divided into 6 parts with no complete version of the movie available. There are 4 viewing options for each clip: mpghi, wmvhi, wmvlow, wmvmed. The wmvhi plays on a 400x300 pixel screen at 1.13 mbps. The wmvmed plays on the same size screen at 666 kbps. I like the wmvhi. It streams rapidly. You can also right click and save to your hard drive. In episode 70 TT Boy plays with two legal teen-age Latin chicks, one brunette, the other blond. They are cute and full of energy as they bounce up and down on his bed. They all seem to be having fun and the sex is energetic and varied ending with TT Boy pulling out of one girl’s pussy in time to ejaculate into the other girl’s waiting mouth hovering over said pussy. There is lots of good three-way sex and lots of content here, unlike some of the other sites in this network.

The movies all seem to be about the same duration, approximately 25 minutes. I wouldn’t count on updates since they don’t date their content but there is a lot of similar teen content in the other sites available in the network. Quite frankly I wouldn’t know if many of these girls were Latinos if it wasn’t for the Spanish they speak. Maybe I am becoming like Stephen Colbert. I haven’t got to the point yet where I don’t see color but maybe not being able to see Latinos is a step in the right direction. It has the ring of "truthiness" to it. But I can still see Asians so maybe I haven’t progressed as far as I thought. I mean really, look at the chicks on the first page of the tour. Anyhow, my point is if you joined the site to see the type of girls featured on the tour you will find them aplenty not only in Pussy Pinata but in other sites in the network like, My First Porn Scene and Teenie Video, etc.

One thing I do not like about this site is the way they present the content. While it is very easy to navigate, its generic format makes looking for girls identified in the tour by name, like Maya and Nina, difficult. Too often the video just starts immediate in the action. We don’t know who the girls are if they don’t tell us. I think it makes the girl less human and less enticing because of that. It's just disrespectful but if they want to play it that way do the same thing on the tour. The videos themselves are hot and thankfully not all of them feature TT Boy and as good as he is, too much of the same guy is boring. He only has so many moves after all. I did enjoy all the videos I watched.

Pussy Pinata is site feature Latin cuties. It has 72 videos and access to a number of other legal teen girl sites in its network. Most of the videos, but thankfully not all of them, star TT Boy. He knows what he is doing and he and the girls, there are often two, do seem to enjoy themselves. But as good as he is, it is nice to see other guys to give the site some increased variety. I like the site. It has a good amount of content. I can’t tell how often the site is updated though they claim it is weekly. And on reflection I guess Pussy Pinata is a good name for a site where penises are pounding Latin pussy.

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