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Reviewed on 2007-02-18 by Frank




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Pure Interracial is one of those lovely combinations of words. In invokes memories of Nazi Germany and their policies of racial purity. It is an oxymoron in that context. How can be you have pure if racially mixed? By offering only interracial content this site seeks a purity of its own. I am of an age that remembers when interracial dating was something that was provocative. "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner" with Tracy, Hepburn and Poitier was a controversial movie in its day. Now the black men are fucking are our white daughters on the internet and on this site in particular. Thought the site is Pure Interracial, from the looks of the promotional tour that means purely black males and white females. It has to be acknowledged that black on white has a certain design aesthetic. I like the contrast of black skin against white skin and a big black cock against a pretty white face has greater aesthetic appeal to me than a big white cock in a pretty black pussy. The tour doesn’t say how much content is in the site or how frequently it is updated. There are 54 sites included in the membership and there is an update everyday on one or the other of those sites. There are a couple of other black guys on white girls sites in the bonus package so there may be lots of content similar to that offered in Pure Interracial. Let’s go in and find out.

Once inside the site I recognize that I have been here before. I can't remember which site it was that lured me in but now that I am here I remember this place. Pure Interracial is not a site. It is a portal into a DVD site. Here you will find interracial videos, it is true. But they were not made for a site called Pure Interracial. The videos are clips from DVDs like Bang My White Ass, Black Dicks in White Chicks, White Chicks and Black Dicks, Black in the Saddle, Bang My White Tight Ass, Big Blacks and Little Blonds, etc, etc, etc. There are 98 interracial videos featuring black guys fucking white girls. There are also lots of additional videos in other categories that have black girls fucking white guys so there is no problem with adequacy of the amount of interracial content here. The first video I select is Giselle from Black Dicks in White Chicks #5. Giselle is a cute young brunette who is interviewed while she slouches on a couch revealing her shiny blue panties. She recounts her experiences with black guys having had 10 of them to date but this video will be her first time with two black guys at the same time. The black guys both have huge cocks and while there is no double penetration the sex is active and arousing with both guys cumming in her pussy. She is such a cute innocent looking girl that it makes the action doubling exciting.

The videos are divided into 7 parts and can be streamed or downloaded. They are very easy to navigate with previous and next buttons. There is also the option of viewing the full video clip. Videos are available in low, medium and high with the quality of the medium be satisfactory and the high being very good. Download speeds are adequate but not outstanding. The next video I select, Lisa Marie, is from the same DVD. Actually all the girls on Black Dicks in White Chicks #5 are cute with that girl next door look. Both of Lisa Marie’s ample natural breasts have pierced nipples. She is as giggly as the two black guys toy with her breasts and finger her pussy. The scene finishes with one guy cumming on her ass and the other guys cumming in her mouth. She plays with the cum, rolling it around her tongue before swallowing it all with a great big giggly smile. For those of you into double penetration there are lots of scenes that offer this.

Pure Interracial is not quite what I was expecting but nevertheless it does fulfill all the promises of its tour. Pure Interracial is a portal into a DVD site. There are well over a hundred interracial videos. The videos are professionally shot and the action is as varied as your interests. With so many bonus videos there is enough content here to make you want to go out and buy your cum catching tissues in bulk.

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