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Reviewed on 05/12/2008 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Cfnm

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
It was only a couple of years ago that I, a well seasoned porn surfer, had to ask my friend and webmaster Patti, an even more seasoned porn surfer, what CFNM meant. I was also late in coming to know the meaning of MILF. For the few of you out there who may not know CFNM means clothed female(s) naked male(s). I put the plural version in bracket because in the case of the clothed females it is almost always more than one and in the case of the naked male it is almost always one. This is a newish niche, maybe 5 or 6 years old. I love the concept. It is different. It reverses the roles of men and women as commonly depicted in porn. Here the men are the meat, to be displayed and used as the women command. There is no little scent of female domination and male submission in this niche. The tour for the site is one of the most engaging that I have seen, although it is only something that can be enjoyed by people with broadband connections. But hey who doesn't have a broadband connection today; certainly not viewers of porn. I really like the slide show presentation of a half dozen or so scenes with 3, 4, 5, and even 6 women clustered around an erect cock they are fondling. We can as well click on a number of high quality lengthy trailers. The most recent updates are also shown. I like that. I click on a video sample. Women speaking in delightful English accents are seated in a boardroom discussing dropping condom sales. They need to test a condom and call up some poor sap from accounting who is ordered to strip.

I love this site. It delivers exactly what it promises in the tour. The videos are good quality and download speeds, while not fast, are adequate. They hover around 200 kb/s, but I am never sure if the problem is the site's server or my ISP who is known to throttle bandwidth at peak usage times. You can store the videos for future repeated viewing which you will want to do with many of the videos here. The site is updated reliably once a week. The videos are only available in WMV format on a 854x480 pixel screen; older videos are 640x480. Let's face it today's movie sites are not for dial up users.

Each video is accompanied by pictures from the shoot. The images are high quality video captures, 800x535 pixels. I was expecting to see real photos because in some of the movies I watch you can see the flash of a camera going off during the shoot. I am not a big fan of video captures and believe that they add little value; but these are large and clear and viewable in a great slide show that has five different viewing speeds.

Each video has a scenario. The scenarios are not too complicated so the acting challenges are kept to a minimum. They involve scenes like discovering her brother masturbating and making him do it in front of her girl friends, or comparing boyfriends cocks, or playing with the cock of the guy who accidentally enters the wrong shower room, or making the pizza boy deliver sperm as well as the pizza, or teaching your girl friends how to properly do a blowjob, or my personal favorite, three hot women turning on the cameraman, pulling his cock out of his pants and stroking it to orgasm. This POV shoot makes me think of my own experiences/fantasies as a camera man.

There are 130 scenes at the moment with a new one each week. It must be a considerable challenge coming up with new scenarios. Calling in the accountant at the condom factory to try on condoms in the boardroom is inspired. Finding out you are greeted in heaven by cuties in rented angel outfits who will give you a blowjob is less inspired.

I love this site because it is so different from most of the porn we see. The roles are reversed. Men are the sex objects to be used and/or abused at the pleasure and whim of the women. And it is a not uncommon male fantasy to be forced to display your erect manhood before a group of admiring women who will encourage and assist you to achieve orgasm with their words, hands and tongues and applaud loudly when you cum as though it is the grandest achievement in the world. There are videos like that here. Perhaps a less common a fantasy is that same group of women disparaging your tiny dick as they command you to cum for them, calling you denigrating names as they scream in disgust at your messy semen shooting out onto the floor where you will have to clean it up while hearing what a dirty boy you are. There are videos like that here.

This is an excellent site with exclusive content that is updated weekly. Everything works as it should. Some may bemoan WMV as the only video format. Male and female roles are reversed; the women are in control. But guys don't worry; most of the scenarios are designed to appeal to common male fantasies and the undue pride we take in our cocks. The scenes are still very much about male pleasure although women viewers might enjoy them as well because it is clear in all videos that it is the women in charge.

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