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Pure 18

Reviewed on 07/22/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.1

Main: Teen

3 Day Trial: $4.95 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Today's review is of Pure 18. This is a teen hardcore site. I'm not teen-purist, as long as they're naked it's all good I say, but (as long as they don't talk too much) I can see why folks find 18-year-old girls more appealing. The tour has a few decent-sized trailers, and promises exclusive weekly updates, hundreds of high quality photos and 30 to 50 minutes of video per episode, and access to 17 bonus sites.

There are actually 2 members areas in this site, the first one is their older version and right at the top it suggests you use the newer one. The old site is well-organized but looks dated. The new members area is also well-organized and presents the content a little better, as well as making it easier to access bonus content. Both versions have the navigation links at the top of the page under the header. The newer site has 2 ads on the main page - they're misleading looking like content but they are in a section marked "promotions". The older members area has a bunch of ads at the bottom of the page. Both sites also have ads on the movies and pics pages, and a dating and an ads page in their navbars.

The models here are generally very attractive and cute. Most of the girls are believable in the 18-19 range, and while they do have an ID swipe-reader in the episodes, a few do seem early 20s to me - oh no, call the porno police, girls slightly older than claimed! The girls talk to the cameraman, strip a little, and then fuck some dude; a couple episodes have 2 girls on 1 guy. Videos run about 30 minutes each.

There are currently 20 videos on this site. The site updates weekly every Saturday (the new area's updates page is confused, saying Thursday), and every episode is dated.

Videos come in WMV format, though there's also an MPEG available for download in the 1-minute-clips area. The main video size is 480x360, the WMVs' bitrate is about 740kbps. For some reason, the videos in the browser are put on the page slightly undersized - it's not that noticeable until you read the file properties or compare it to a saved version. The largest video is actually the "download full movie" version at 720x480 and around 1100kbps bitrate. Playback is smooth, and on the 1-minute clips when a clip ends it jumps right to the next clip in the series.

The video quality is pretty nice in general, the streaming versions are a little soft but still good and can go full-screen without looking too bad for it. The video is a tad dim at times, either from camera or transfer. Audio is set pretty low, if you crank your PC volume though it's clear.

Each of the 20 episodes has both a still photos gallery and a vidcap gallery. Both kinds of galleries have around 225 to 375 pics, each photo set has a zip file to download all the pics at once. Photos are about 536x800 and 80kb; vidcaps are 720x480 and about 100kb. The photos look pretty decent; clarity, color and lighting are all good. Vidcaps are better than average, but still just vidcaps.

Bonus content is access to 20 other sites in the Reality Kings network, nearly all update regularly - the network has at least 1 update every day. The quality is about the same as Pure 18 but have been around longer and have way more content. There are various niches - big tits, MILF, Latina, cum, lesbian, ass, etc. - and some of the Pure 18 models have also worked on other sites in the network, they're linked so you can find those episodes. The network also has 4 models doing live cams, there's a show scheduled for almost every day of the week.

Negatives starts with the members area being a little ad-heavy. Also, the resized videos on the pages is a bit weird, and the "big clip" video is actually smaller physically than the 1-minute clips because the movies are shot widescreen and the 1-minute clips are done pan & scan while the big clips are left letterboxed.

Pure 18 has an easy to use members area (2 actually), attractive girls, weekly updates, good-looking video in a decent size, lots of photos, and access to a network of exclusive sites. The only serious negative is the members area has too many ads. All in all, Pure 18 is definitely worth checking out.

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