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Pump That Ass

Reviewed on 05/05/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 7.5

Main: Anal sex
Additional: Ass

3 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $29.95

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First Impression:
I must admit I am a latecomer to the area of anal sex. Buggery as it was once called was considered a perversion. I chuckle at this because undoubtedly outside our porn world here, it is undoubtedly still considered a perversion. I confess to never having experienced it myself, but I have grown to accept it as a desirable addition to ones bag of sexual pleasures. I have arrived at this conclusion after many conversations with women who have told me they find anal sex quite enjoyable. I hope one day to learn for myself but in the meantime there are an ever-increasing number of anal sex sites that can contribute to my learning. The added benefit of a site devoted to anal sex is that there is of course a lot of focus on the girls' bums and if you are an assman as many of us are, that is a big plus. The tour for Pump that Ass features lots of nice looking women with beautiful butts. That is very promising although you have to wonder whether text like the following aids their promotion. "Tight little hiney holes filled to capacity! These sluts will get the whole 9 yards right up the ol' keister" lol. For those of you for whom English is not your first language, have fun with that.

The most recent update is Katja Kassin and that was done Feb 27 2006 and today is April 11. It looks as though the site is updated quite irregularly. As I look over past updates there are gaps of several months where there are no updates at all. In fact there are only 15 updates in total. So this is not really a pay site at all. It is just a portal into a network of twenty one sites, some which actually would qualify as sites, and others, like this one, that provide some niche filler material. If you join because you want to see the kind of content provided in the tour you will have only 15 videos and who knows when or if there will be another update. You will have to content yourself with the offerings of the bonus sites so make sure you want what is on offer there. This review will only cover the content of this paltry site but I have reviewed other sites they offer and have found some good and others borderline like I judge this one to be.

I click on Sintia Stone. I liked her look in the tour. She is a striking blond, slim, with perky breasts. Her page opens, giving me the option to click on photos, clips or the whole movie. I click on photos. Another page opens with link to video clips digital stills, photo gallery and the watch entire movie. Hmmm. I click photo gallery. It opens up 16 pages of video captures from the movie, 12 thumbnails to the page. This certainly provides a good preview of the movie you will see. The digitals still link leads to, surprisingly, 27 pages of digital photos shot concurrently with the video.

I click the video clips link. Two pages of thumbnails show you what you will see in each clip. The clips are offered in three band-with sizes. Sintia take a pretty big cock up her ass after spending sometime making it slippery with her saliva. She really does seem to be enjoying herself. The shoot ends with the guy cumming on her ass, which I think is appropriate for a site that features asses.

I next check out a cute looking girl named Shayna. She turns out to be just as cute in person on the tape. She is 19 and from Germany. She tells us how her boyfriend begged her to have anal sex. She also clearly enjoys it herself and in the end, (pun intended, I guess) she takes a mouth load of cum as he pulls from her rectum. She seems to enjoy that too.

There is nothing really wrong with this site accept that it has far too little of the content that you have come here to see. There are only 15 videos in total and the updates have been very irregular in the past and there is no reason to believe that they will improve in the future. The site does offer you a lot of extra bonus sites and some of them are quite good. If you want to join for the bonus sites go ahead but if you are looking for an anal speciality site than continue shopping around.

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