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Public Nudity Exposed

Reviewed on 12/14/2006 by Basschick

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.7

Main: Public nudity

3 Day Trial: $3.95
1 Month: $34.95
3 Months: $68.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Public Nudity Exposed is a reality site but unlike most reality sites, the camera person here is a chick named Special K. She's on the hunt for wild looking girls she finds on the street and she does her best to get them to show us some tits and pussy in public - and she's pretty good at her job, so there's plenty of public nudity for us. If you like seeing cute amateurs get naked in cars, in the street and in stores, Public Nudity Exposed looks like it's got the good stuff. Let's take a closer look and see what's inside the member area!

The member area of Public Nudity Exposed is simple and intuitive. There are navigation links near the top of the page followed by a single advertising banner and then come all the current episodes, each listed with a preview thumb, description and links to pics and videos. Under the episodes are ads for a live cam service, a text ad and then links to all 31 bonus sites.

The Public Nudity Exposed videos are available in 2 formats, WMV and MPG and these are clips only with no full video available, which disappointed me a little. The WMVs are available in 3 speeds/sizes - Super High is shown at a screen size of 640x480 and streams at 1260 kbps, High is shown at 320x240 and streams at 928 kbps and Low is shown at 320x240 and streams at 496 kbps. If you're looking to go full screen, stick with the Super High videos - they're definitely the star of the bunch and look pretty good - better than a lot of reality content.

For those who are on Macs or just don't care for WMVs for some reason, there are 2 speeds of MPG clips - high quality and low quality. The high quality are just a tiny bit lower quality than the high - but not super high - quality WMVs. The high quality MPGs are shown at 320x240 and at their original size they look crisp and clear. If you enlarge them you will notice a loss of quality, however. The lower quality MPGs are shown at 320x240, but probably should have been a little smaller in screen size as they aren't great looking but could be good for people on slower broadband.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These pics are vidcaps, not digital stills, but considering that there is no photographer with Special K on her shoots, this shouldn't be a surprise. These vidcaps are average quality for vidcaps, so don't expect them to be as sharp or clear as digital stills. Looking through them is a good way to preview the movies as they give a very good idea of the action.

If you like public pussy, Public Nudity Exposed is lots of fun. Special K, the video chick who finds girls to flash and streak for her camera, has an interesting and enthusiastic personality with a bisexual feel and a sense of humor. And the girls are sexy and fun. One very blonde honey flashes people right there on the street - just pulls up her skirt and shows them her bush. We also get to see girls flash in stores, cars and one that I liked especially is when Special K and her cutie pretend they want to rent an apartment and the girl shows off her body for the landlord and then gets naked again on the roof.

In addition to the Public Nudity Exposed pics and videos, members get access to a nice selection of bonus sites. There's college girls, office sex, black pussy, exclusive interracial porn, shemale sex as well as Latin, milfs, squirting and plenty of amateurs.

I found the Public Nudity Exposed videos to be very sexy, lots of fun and entertaining. The models are amateur types, the reality format enhances the videos and the woman with the video camera adds a lot to the episodes. The best quality WMVs are good quality and all the movie clips have good sound. On the other hand, I first saw the member area of this site 10 days ago and the site has not been updated. Since there are no dates on the updates, there's no way to know if the update is late or if the site doesn't update. Members also get access to a very nice collection of bonus sites which add a lot of value for members. If you like public nudity content, and you don't mind a smaller collection, Public Nudity Exposed may be just what you're looking for. Why not check it out for yourself!

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