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Public Disgrace

Reviewed on 02/05/2009 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.1

Main: Public nudity
Additional: Bdsm, Hi-def

1 Month: $24.95
2 Months: $49.95
6 Months: $99.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Public Disgrace takes beautiful women, puts them in bondage in public places and humiliates, punishes and stuffs them with cock where anyone might see. These girls all have a fantasy of being exposed and used right there on the streets, and the reality is very intense. Sometimes they are forced to take on multiple men or fucked in the ass on a bus or in an alley or anywhere. The tour offers detailed previews of each of the member area episodes, each with plenty of large thumbs and a hot description. Each episode also includes the date it was added to the site, so you can see even before joining that it really does update once a week. I like what I see here, so if you're into BDSM and public sex, join me for a look at the member area of Public Disgrace.

The member area of Public Disgrace is laid out just like the tour, and currently offering 28 episodes. There are no annoying surprises like banner ads or misleading links. The site is easy to navigate and the only links that don't lead to content are clearly marked at the very top and bottom of the page. There is a link to the forum at the top of the page, and also a link to the Kink blog, but of course what we're really here for is to watch girls stripped, humiliated and fucked in public, so let's check out the content.

Let's talk about the downloadable videos. They are offered in parts almost like chapters, and the biggest and best this site has to offer are the MP4 HD videos. These are very large, shown at 1280x720 with a bitrate that makes them sharp and clear - and of course, they're already full screen for a lot of watchers, but if you go beyond that, they still look good. There are also 1280x720 vids in WMV format, with a bitrate of around 1.6 Mbps. While these are a little lower in quality than most HD videos of that size, they're still good amateur quality that enlarge pretty well. And for those who don't need videos that big, there's a smaller HD version of each video in WMV format shown at 960x540 and the smallest version of the videos are also MP4s shown at 640x360 and also good amateur quality. All the videos have good sound and play smoothly with no DRM used.

One thing worth mentioning before we get to the streaming videos is the download speeds in this site. They're not just fast, they are very very FAST - and that is perfect for downloading HD videos. I generally found the videos downloading at between 2 Mbps and 2.1 Mbps, so there was very little wait.

The newer Public Disgrace streaming videos are in Flash format, and while at full screen they were fairly low quality, at half size they were still large and better quality. While not as good as the downloadable videos, if you don't like to wait or are already downloading a video and want to watch something as it downloads, these will do the trick. The older streaming videos are offered for Real Player in two sizes. The larger of the two are HD with a lowered bitrate of 450 for faster streaming. These are a pinch below average in quality, but much better than I would have expected considering the bitrate. The smaller versions are shown at around 640x360 and are a little lower in quality.

Each episode also features pics in the same "chapters" as the videos. Except for a single episode, each has hundreds of good amateur quality pics shown large at 800x1200. The pics really show the action well, and they can be browsed in thumbnailed galleries or downloaded in zip files.

Each video is over 30 minutes, most starting with an interview where we learn just how excited the model is at the idea of being bound, punished and fucked in public. And public DOES mean public in this site. From the parklike setting outside a castle to a blowjob a literal park, you can see people in the cars as the action happens in some of the videos. And there are some indoor parties where the girls are watched as they struggle by up to 30 guys and then used by each and every guy.

For those who love to watch real humiliation and forced public sex, Public Disgrace does not disappoint. The girls are attractive and are tormented, teased, embarrassed and fucked in public or in front of large groups of men. The videos are downloadable and available in HD and standard formats and the site updates every week. Each video is over 30 minutes and many are over 40, and most of the pic sets have hundreds of pics each. There's a forum and blog, but I particularly enjoyed the member comments for each video. If you're into public sex, humiliation and real BDSM, you won't want to miss Public Disgrace!

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