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Reviewed on 10/22/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 7.8

Main: Cum shots

1 Month: $29.95

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First Impression:
POV XXX is not a roman numeral. Point of View shooting (POV) is one of my favorites. The POV is of course ours. It can seem as though it is your cock getting stroked or sucked or penetrating the warm wet depths of some young woman's vagina. It can make for pretty intimate and erotic viewing. It gives you the feeling of being there. The amateur video world abounds with POV shots. Usually one of the couple holds the camera, always the guy it seems in a heterosexual interaction. The site boasts "All 100% exclusive video, never seen before, anywhere." That increases the site's attractiveness immensely. The girls in the tour look great and the large pictures would seem to suggest that the sexual interaction will most frequently culminate in the much sought after facial glazing. Every girl in the tour has a cock stuck in her mouth. And the girls covered in cum are all very happy about it one could only conclude from their smiley satisfied looks straight into the camera or rather straight at us. There are two trailers on the tour. They load rapidly and play on a large screen at over 1000kbps. The quality of the video is excellent. The female star in each video is lovely and I am most curious to see how the girl in the first trailer deals with that enormous cock in her mouth. There are about 30 girls on the tours so I am figuring there will be at least that many videos. They say they update regularly. They also have a couple of bonus sites. One called "Be The Mask" gives you an opportunity to enter a contest to fuck one of the porn stars. Now there is an enticement to all you young men and women out there wondering how you can get into the porn biz.

The site is set up simply and cleanly. The most recent update is Tawny. Her movie is divided into three parts and I have the option of downloading the parts or the whole movie as MPG or I can chose to stream the WMV files and that is what I do. The videos are large, just as they are in the tour, 640x480 pixels. The video streams with very little buffering and its quality is excellent. Tawny is pretty blonde with nice features and perky natural breasts. The movie is totally hot. She sucks and fucks like she enjoys it. I am really into it but there is something wrong. This is not a POV movie. It has POV shots and in fact the camera work is excellent with good close ups and thoughtful angles that include face, cock and breast in the frame, but it is not a POV movie. It is not POV when we see both participants' bodies and faces in one of my favorite shots, the woman straddling the guy and facing us. Real exhibitionists, and many models are, seem to get off on it as much as us the viewers. Great shot, but not POV unless the camera man reaches over and grabs her breast or she leans forward and takes a cock, our cock, out and puts it in her mouth.

I don't want to be overly picky. All the movies I watch do contain point of view shots; they are just not POV movies. There are 48 movies here, most in the 20-25 minute range. There is no indication of how often the site is updated. That is not a lot of videos but as a member we also have access to two other sites. I love the way the site is set up. When you click on a movie, a page opens up with images of that movie. As you descend the page thumbnails of all the other movies on the site permit you to select quickly and easily the next movie you want to see. This is a great idea and I would like to see other pay sites adopt it as a navigation technique.
My favorite movie here is the one featuring Sarah Blake. She is the cute girl prominently displayed in the upper left hand corner of the tour home page, mouth open wide, face covered in cum. She is that wonderful combination of youthful innocence and lust. The video starts with a bra and panty tease that got me fully erect. She was pretty aroused herself judging from her greatly engorged pussy lips pressing up against her flimsy transparent pink panties.

POV XXX has movies with point of view shots but you might be disappointed if you come here looking for POV movies. There are only 48 movies, but all I watched were well done with good lighting and interesting angles and close-ups. The movies are exclusive to this site. Forty-eight exclusive well done videos is a good start. All the movies load quickly on large screens and the video quality is excellent. Unfortunately no details are provided on how frequently the site updates.

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