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Reviewed on 2007-03-17 by Frank




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When I saw the name for this site the first thing that popped into my head was I am not sure I would want to be the cameraman for that shoot. For those few of you not in the know, POV stands for point of view and it describes the shooting of video from the view of the watcher. It gives a feeling of being right in the middle of the action and in this case the action is a gushing geyser of female fluid brought on by an intense orgasm. "See a mile-high geyser of pussy juice blow in your face" announces the tour text. So you can see why the camera person might want some kind of protection for himself and his camera. This is obviously a video site and yet there is not one video trailer included in the multi-page tour. I am a bit ambivalent myself about these squirt sites. I am a fastidious person and squirting just seems a little too messy for me. On the other hand I love seeing the intense orgasms these women have when they ejaculate. Give me some protective clothing and goggles and I will be alright I guess. So get your rain gear on and let’s go get up close and personal with some wild and very wet women.

I have reviewed sites belonging to this network before. The site tours are really just portals into a DVD site that has amongst its many niches, squirting women. Amongst the 70 so squirting scenes in the network there are 20 POV squirting scenes drawn from the DVDs POV Squirt Alert Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4. There is a link to pictures but all the galleries are screen captures. I click on the first movie in the Most Popular Scenes. It is scene 1 from POV Squirt Alert 4. I can view the streaming video in low, medium or high quality. There is also a download option offering the video at 512 or 1024 kbps. I choose the 1024 kbps option. It downloads at a respectable 400kb/s. The scene opens with a blond woman discovering our cameraman lying beneath some kind of monument on her property. She invites him up to the house and gives him a cup of coffee. He says he needs a shower. In response, she takes off her pants and tells him to lie beneath her. "You’re not going to pee on me", he says. She proceeds to masturbate her self, producing a torrent of whatever female ejaculate is made of. It splashes all over the camera lens. From there the movie moves into a standard fuck film, vaginal then anal and finally a swallowed cum shot. The POV changes when we get into the fucking as another person takes over the camera. Video quality is very good.

The second video I watch is from the same DVD and opens under the same monument with the same camera guy moaning and groaning from a hangover and then being chased off the property by a man, presumably the hubby of the squirter from the evening before. The guy staggers off into a field where he meets a nice looking brunette who is working out. She takes him home. The brown-haired beauty is a very fit and flexible athletic type. Dressed in a yellow bra and clingy yellow panties, she does a variety of stretches in front of our POV guy, including the splits and putting her legs behind her head. It is very erotic. The scene than moves through the fucking, sucking, cumming-in-the-mouth stages with a squirt thrown in. I very much get the impression that these videos and the subsequent ones I watch could fit completely into the following niches: squirt, swallow, masturbation, anal, oral and straight fucking. They have everything covered including the lens (ha! A little squirting humor there).

I like the POV Squirt Alert movies that I watch. They are well filmed and very erotic and when the girls have an orgasm you can be pretty sure they are not faking it. I found the site a little difficult to navigate. It took me a while to find all 70 squirt vids amongst the thousands of vids on site. The scenes taken from the POV Squirt Alert DVD are superior to those taken from the other squirt DVDs the site offers. There is lots of bonus content.

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