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The Porn Pros Network offers members access to a collection of 27 porn sites offering exclusive content and HD videos. The sites come in some interesting niches like REALLY big cocks, ex-girlfriends, huge boobs, squirting pussies and girls drinking cum. The tour says that network members enjoy daily updates, free live cam shows and access to over 5100 downloadable videos in 3 formats with no download limits. That's a lot of fucking porn! In fact, I can't wait to see the member area, so join me for a look.

I logged into the Porn Pros Network member home, and while it's a bit busy, it's easy to use. There are dropdowns at the top of the page, allowing members to search content by site, niche or model. To the right is a search box so you can search any keyword or phrase you like. The page shows the today's updates, recent updates, current live shows and top rated videos. There's a link on the right called PornPros Calendar, and that's where I went first. The calendar shows this week's updates, and listed which site updates on what days. There are either 2 or 3 updates each day this week, and a total of 18 updates total - not bad!

Porn Pros Network lists over 1225 updates, and I counted well over 1000 videos in various sites before I got tired of counting, so I can't tell for sure if the site has 5000 videos because you can only search videos by site or by niche.

The newer videos in the network are indeed shown at full HD at 1248x700 with a bitrate of 2.6 Mbps, and they look good - not great, but definitely good. A couple I watched were actually not 1248 wide, but had big black bars on the left and right to make up the difference. The largest older videos say they are shown at HD, but are actually shown at 448x304 with a bitrate of 1.51 Mbps, and they look very good. The HD videos are shown in WMV and MPG, and there are also smaller versions available. The WMVs and MPGs are available in both full scenes and clips, and if you want to watch rather than download, the videos can also be streamed in Flash format clips.

Something worth mentioning is that where it says Get Video To Go on the right, and looks like you can download additional formats like MP4s - that's actually an ad to sell you a product. Clicking those iPod, PSP, XBox and other links there will not download videos.

Each video comes with a set of quality digital stills and a set of vidcaps, so if you love pics, there are lots ot choose from, and each and every set is downloadable in zip files. To some degree the pic quality may vary with the site it comes from, but most of the digital stills are actually good quality and shown at around 567x850. Many sets are large, with well over 100 pics, so there's lots to browse.

There's some awesome variety here. Some sites focus on humiliation and bondage, others on great big butts or insanely huge cocks or tits, or the cutest teens I've ever seen getting fucked. There are some interesting original concepts here, as well. My favorites included a site based on a private investigator who catches cheating wives and girlfriends in the act on video. Another shows very hot babes getting oiled up and massaged - and more. There are plenty of top name pornstars here as well as amateurs and porn newcomers, and there are all kinds of women - Asians, Latinas, milfs, college girls, skinny chicks, busty babes, and the list continues. There's so much fucking, BDSM, sucking, fingering, huge cumshots and the rest that it's hard to describe.

The webcams aren't exactly what I had hoped. Yes, there are webcams, and many of the girls do have free chat, however if you want the good stuff - full nudity or action - you must sign up and pay additional fees. I went through part of the process of becoming a "premium member" and on the second screen, they do ask for your credit card.

There are a few things you might want to be aware of. One is that when you join the site, there is a pre-checked box under the join form giving you access to another site. Please make sure the offer interests you before signing up. Also note that trial members get only limited access to the site, and that trial memberships rebill at a full $15 more per month than the cost of a regular monthly membership.

Porn Pros Network gives members access to tons of good quality, original porn. The girls are hot, and there are all sorts of them - big tits, small tits, ethnic chicks, milfs, cute 18 year olds, gorgeous pornstars and girl next door types. There's all kind of action from sucking cock to humiliation to threesomes to girls tied up and covered in cum. It's all here. I counted 1000 videos, and there are 1225 updates listed, and the site updates every day with at least 2 new videos. While not all the videos are HD, many are, and all are good quality and downloadable. While the live cams weren't free if you want to see action, there's enough exclusive porn here to keep anyone busy. Why not check out Porn Pros Network? You won't be disappointed!

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