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Reviewed on 2007-05-27 by J.R.




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Today, we're reviewing Porn Movie Collection. Here's a site that's just porn videos of all varieties, nothing more complicated than that. It covers a lot of niches, from Amateurs to Voyeur.

The members area is straightforward, the left side of the page is the navigation menu and the content is on the right. Getting around is very direct because the pages aren't cluttered and the design has no complications. Some might find the streaming videos confusing the first time they click as the videos load on the same page near the bottom, you'll have to scroll down to see them. The ads on the site are links to live cams and find a friend, pretty much what I've come to expect lately from members areas, and these aren't trying to be especially sneaky about what they are. One slick thing is that each video also has a trailer to give you an idea of what is actually in the video.

Since this is a video collection, there's no single type of model or niche beyond saying that they're all porn - big shock, right? The movies are broken down by categories like amateur, Latina, big tits, latex, mature, stuff like that; there are also some shemale and gay movies. Some of the videos are put in questionable categories and are debatable, for example a model in "big tits" being a C-cup at best, but most fit the category they're in.

The site has 3613 self-hosted videos. They update 4 times a day, every 6 hours, and every single video is timestamped from when it was added. Movies run from around 10 to 30 minutes a piece, the site says there are 1142 hours of movies and I tend to believe that - if I worked 16 hours a day watching them, it'd take me around 3 months to ensure that was factual, and fuck no I'm not that dedicated.

Videos come in WMV format - curse you Microsoft, you win again! The vids are all offered at 320x240, high quality are 696 kbps bitrate and low quality are 346 kbps bitrate. The newest quarter or so also have "dvd quality" videos which are 640x480 at 1496 kbps bitrate. The videos stream and play smoothly, there are also downloadable versions but the streaming versions have a nifty feature where you can move the slider forward or back and it cues up almost instantly rather than having to wait for the entire file to load to that point.

The video quality is a little soft and grainy, it varies a little from transfer to transfer but that's the general impression I got: adequate but not great, especially the "dvd quality" versions. It doesn't help either that the streaming videos are embedded on the web page at another size - stretching the low and high quality vids while shrinking the "dvd quality" ones. Audio is a decent level, not too loud yet quite audible.

The site has no photo sets at all.

Bonus content is access to 43 other sites, most of which are hardcore niches and all of which appear to be plug-in content. They claim there's over 60 exclusive sites, but not only is 43 less than 60 (yes, I double-checked the math to be sure, 43<60, it's true!) but I don't believe any of those offered are exclusive sites.

Negatives starts with that bonus site shit I just mentioned. Then there's the fairly lackluster video size and video quality, it's not horrible but since this is all they got and they claim it's "crystal clear" in the tour, you'd think it'd be a little better. Also on video issues, the videos being forced to a different size on the page means none of them will look quite right. The join page makes it sound like every video has "dvd quality" videos when in fact it's only around 25%. Also, for those who wish to use the 3-day trial, you will be rebilled at $10 more a month than the other members - that'll teach you to try and not piss away all your money apparently, what the fuck? I'm also annoyed that there's no listing of actresses anywhere, so if you like that girl, tough shit because there's no way to see what else she's in here. And that leads into my biggest annoyance here, the preview for each video is just 1 underwhelming thumbnail image, keywords, and a brief description - how am I supposed to decide if I want to see it? Sure there's a trailer inside, but that means I have to want to go into that video's page and there's just not enough info on the category pages to help me make that decision.

Overall, the members area is easy to use, and there are a lot of different niches of video. The video size and quality aren't the best but they're ok. The 3-day trial will rebill you at a higher price so stay away from that option. Bottom line, Porn Movie Collection has literally thousands of movie scenes translating to over a thousand hours of video and updates 4 times a day, but it's a bit of a grab-bag as to what you'll get. If you aren't too picky and just want access to a ton of porn it's worth checking out.

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