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Playful Jessica

Reviewed on 12/22/2006 by Eddie

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 5
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 3
Overall: 5.3

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $3.95
1 Month: $34.95
3 Months: $68.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Single girl reality sites are all the hottest thing on the porn-net and today we have the privilege of taking a look at the web site of Playful Jessica. Slim, dark haired, with an average European look, Jessica wants you to take a look at her private collection of pictures and videos. Let's go ahead and enter the members area of Playful Jessica and see for ourselves just what is inside her site.

First up the site looks really simple to navigate. Several links across the top of the page point you in the right direction while just off to the left is a box proclaiming the latest news. This is dated 6/05/06. Favorite shoots are added to the right of the latest news box. Just below this is an area for the upcoming update and comes complete with a few small pictures and a trailer video clip. Following this are 5 of the latest updates spanning May thru June of 2006 and link directly to the video page. Five picture sets are below in the latest picture update area and are dated on the same day in June 2006. Click on any of these and you'll go directly to that set of pictures, or hit the link below for access to the full compliment of picture galleries. Banner ads and a chat service are next followed by an extensive collection of bonus sites are found at the bottom of the page.

Jessica has a slim taut body, medium length dark hair, chiseled facial features and dark brown eyes. A tattoo and several piercings adorn her pale skin and this combined with various earrings and other accessories gives her a distinctly cosmopolitan look. She looks like a real amateur.

Let's have a gander at the video content of Playful Jessica and an overview of her videos. Ever the playful one, Jessica offers 7 complete video episodes that are not broken down into easy viewable clips but instead just one full video for each episode. This video is an mpeg. These videos average about 25 MB in size, about 10 min in length, and seem to have a widescreen configuration of 480x240. This unique perspective gives the video a weird wide angle look to it that along with the compressed top and bottom portions just looks flat-out wrong. Things look warped this way and in several videos make Jessica's body look unnatural. Expanding these videos to 200% percent is not advisable as at 100% these things are already a little grainy and chunky.

The action depicted in these videos pretty much revolves around Jessica. There is no interaction with others. Jessica doesn't speak in these videos (at least not in the ones I looked at) but nevertheless tries her best to be entertaining. Her routines in front of the camera involve suckling various dildos, vibrators, and an occasional piece of fruit. She rolls around on a bed, on a sofa, or on the floor and makes an attempt at striptease for the camera while maintaining sensuous eye contact when not occupied with watching TV. In several videos she makes a quick poke into her vagina with a dildo, vibrator, or handy fingertip but not for very long. In one video we see Jessica smacking her lips while watching TV and in extensive detail we can see her teeth and tongue, and her piercing. Alternately she'll rub her body not really focused on any one particular area or with any real apparent intent other then to keep her hands roving.

On to the pictures. Playful Jessica has pictures to show us and these are spread across 15 photo sets containing an average picture count of about 100 stills in each set. These look to have been taken with a digital camera and aren't vid-caps. Settings generally revolve around different rooms adorned with furs, couches, a stuffed lion (named Mr. Lion), books, etc. and have our playful one interacting with these items as best as she can. Jessica even makes it outdoors to the snow for 2 shoots to flash her tits and rotate mechanically around a swing and a slide. Picture size is about 768x512 and has all the earmarks of amateur photography. Jessica is made up and clothed reasonable well in these shoots and even participates in holding up some of the props to good effect.

What else does Playful Jessica have to offer you ask? Well, let's see. There's a link to a webcam which reveals a page that says "webcam coming soon!" And there's a link to a message board that brings you to a page that informs us is "coming in 10 days!" No other exclusive content.

Not one to hog the spotlight all herself, Playful Jessica has bonus content for her members. This amounts to 32 websites of various flavours of porn. You get teens, matures, drunk chicks, guys, and a whole lotta sites with the word "Brazil" in the title that feature booty, ass, and shemales. One thing of complaint here: when I attempted to log on to some of these sites to check out whether they worked or not about half of them actually made it through to the porn. The other half did not. What I got instead was a page informing me that there might be a problem. The solution that was proposed was to either contact the webmasters, or click on a link respective to my membership level (trial of full). What I got for this extra bit of typing was another round of the same crap. I gave up at this point.

What are the problems with this site? Well, not enough content, a dull and disinterested girl with average looks, no updates, semi-functional bonus content, real average video quality with weird size constraints, and, in my opinion, no real reason to be on the internet at all save for the chance to access some bonus sites.

So in summary I would advise that you pass this one up and look for something else to spend your money on. But if you must then go for the trial. It's cheap whereas the full membership price is not. The people who produced this content could have done better here. With just a little bit of effort and some better make-up and overall site focus, Playful Jessica could have been a contender but alas they failed and gave us this mistake of a site instead.

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