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Playful Hands

Reviewed on 05/20/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.0

Main: Masturbation

1 Day Trial: $1.95 (recurs at $29.95)
1 Month: $29.95 (recurs at $24.95)
3 Months: $59.95 (recurs at $54.95)

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Playful Hands is a nice name for a female masturbation site. I like the idea of associating sex with play, adult play mind you. Play is recreational and so is sex and particularly the sex on the internet because it serves often to help you play with yourself. "TENDER AND SENSUAL FEMALE MASTURBATION, HUNGRY GIRLS REVEALING THEIR SECRET METHODS AND THE MOST HIDDEN PARTS OF THEIR LASCIVIOUS BODIES, TOP-NOTCH BABES IN REAL PASSION, WITHOUT ANY ARTIFICIAL TOYS OR OBJECTS" announces the promotional text. This is the perfect site for me to be reviewing right now. I just finished reviewing a female masturbation site that was all about the toys and objects, well machines really. This will be such a contrast; more organic you might say, but without the vegetables.

The tour is impressive. It features 12 very attractive girls each with her own trailer. The video quality of the trailers is excellent. They are professionally done with perfect lighting if the scene is indoors or out and edited to make you want to see more. Playful Hands is a part of a larger network of sites, 30 in all and if you join you get access to 10 of those sites and an additional two for each month you stay with the site. This is an interesting merchandising idea and the first loyalty program of this type that I have run across. It could be attractive if each of the sites is a really a quality pay-site. The trailers for Playful Hands look as though they were made exclusively for the site. The sure way to find out is to go in and have a look.

There is a lot of content here, 15 pages. I count 86 scenes shot exclusively for this site. Moving through the pages is very slow slogging. I am not sure whether it is net congestion or their servers but it is incredibly slow. I click on Brooke the most recent update. Her video is divided into 10 segments. Segments can be streamed or downloaded as low med or high quality. You can also download the complete 30 minute movies, except in this case I can’t because Brooke’s updates are only until segment six. I find the idea of updates, even if they occur daily, that only give you a single segment of a movie a bit off-putting. I click on the Models link to look for Claudia, a girl I noticed in the tour who was wearing interesting panties. Some readers will know I have a panty fetish.

The models here are lovely indeed. The girls are Czech, Romanian, and Hungarian, many with imposing model credentials, having been in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler magazines. The page for each model has links to her movies and more information about the model. In Claudia’s case there is no information about her nationality or her age. I download the high quality full version. Download speed is an unimpressive 170 kb/s but pretty good considering how slow movement within the site is. Claudia must still be a teenager. Her breasts are so perfect you need to look really closely to see that they are real. She disrobes to a little tight white thong with a pink bow on the front and an open crotch through which producers her pretty plump shaved pussy. The movie is a great tease but fails on the masturbation front. It is pretend. I liked it nevertheless. Great panties and pussy!

I download another couple of movies at the same time and both maintain speeds of 170 kb/s. Not bad. The girl in the movie "Naturally Nice" is just that. What an attractive lovely young woman she is with a tight, toned, beautiful body surmounted by two perky breasts and wearing matching bra and panties, but what a wooden masturbation performer. She simple is not believable. The scene could have been improved with some editing. When the model is distracted by the cameraman/director; that should be edited out.

Each model also has pictures. Pictures are 834x1280 pixels and are very good quality but waiting for them to open is just too painful. Destiny’s masturbation video is a bit different. She undresses and masturbates in front of a guy who is sitting on a bed with his cock out, jerking off. Destiny is a sultry brunette with a lithe lush body. I believe her when she pleasures herself. It seems real. The site though is less about real masturbation to orgasm and more about incredibly beautiful women teasing us with their bodies, which is more than ok by me. None of the women in any of the videos I watch speaks. I would have preferred to have the women speak with subtitles so that we learn a bit about them.

Playful Hands is a site that features incredibly beautiful women from Eastern Europe. They tease us with their bountiful natural bodies. Most of the masturbation is pretend acting. There is lots of content and the site offers access to a number of bonus sites as well as a loyalty program that leads to access to even more bonus sites the longer you stay.

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