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Pixie's Pillows

Reviewed on 03/04/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.7

Main: Single model

30 Days: $28.69 (recurs at $25.69)
40 Days: $39.99 (recurs at $19.99)
50 Days: $49.98

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Pixie's Pillows caught my eye because Pixie is an 18 year old brunette with a very pretty face, rounded voluptuous body, DD tits that are soft and natural and thick dark hair. She's got a nice butt, just a little bit of a tummy and she seems to smile a lot. And of course I already mentioned she has big tits but it seems worth mentioning again. Okay, this is the kind of girl who turns me on so I'm wasting no time - it's off to the member area of Pixie's Pillows!

This site is part of a network of sites, so you go through a sort of a hub of all the sites to get to Pixie's Pillows. If you're having trouble finding the site, you'll find it listed under Exclusive Softcore Sites on the top of the page.

The member area is simple. The latest updates are on the top of the page and just below are links to the pics and videos. At the bottom of the page is a note telling us that "MORE EXCLUSIVE MOVIES AND PICTURES WILL BE ADDED SOON!" but this is probably not true judging by the fact that the latest movie updates at the top of the page are all dated 4 months ago. I decided to watch some of Pixie's videos first and then head off to the pics section.

After watching one video, I was convinced that Pixie is just about the cutest girl with the happiest personality I've seen in a single model site. Even very amateur video work and so-so photography doesn't detract from her pretty face, luscious curvy figure and perky personality. While other girls in the same network and using the same photographer and video chick seem bored or unsure, Pixie is a natural model who giggles and is very comfortable showing off her big soft titties and yummy body for the camera. She loves talking to the camera, too.

The people who made Pixie's Pillows site didn't bother to put in her descriptions or titles for each scene, and that's a shame as it gives a lot less feel of Pixie to the site. Even so, be sure and watch the video of her in the baseball cap and the fourth video from last. But honestly, if you love slightly chubby brunettes, I recommend you watch all her videos.

So now let's talk numbers. There are 20 videos inside Pixie's Pillows. They are WMVs - my favorite format - shown at a screen size of 640x480 with a streaming speed of 1.59mbps. You can go full screen with these without any major loss of quality and you can watch them in an embedded player or download them to watch on your hard drive later.

There are 43 photo sets inside the site. In reality, it looks like some of the photo sets are actually only half of a photo set. The pics have a screen size of 600x800 and are good amateur quality with an occasional blurry pic thrown in. There are no slideshows or zipped files of the sets.

Pixie's enthusiasm and energy show in the pics. She looks like the kind of girl who loves to flirt, and that really comes through in the pics as well as the videos. There are also some shoots with her butt right there in the camera and her in nothing but a teeny tiny g-string that shows off everything but the pink. There's also a pic set of her with another girl, the two of them making out and rolling around with each other. Pixie never shows her breasts without her hands covering them, which is a shame. Still, you can't beat her wearing nothing but tight panties!

Members of Pixie's Pillows get access to 5 more non-nude single model sites, 2 more non-nude sites and an almost embarrassingly large collection of porn sites and DVDs. If you're looking for blowjobs, teen sex, milfs, foot fetish videos, creampies, handjobs, squirting and more, it's all there.

I'd say that Pixie of Pixie's Pillows has got to be a chubby teen or natural tit lover's dream girl. While it's too bad that the people who made the site didn't involve her more in the site and didn't really do justice to her sexy personality and enthusiasm, I still really enjoyed the videos and pics. Too bad the site doesn't update any more, but the 21 vids and 43 pic sets are supplemented by a huge collection of single girl and porn bonus sites. If big boobs, dark hair, a sparking personality and a voluptuous 18 year old body turn you on, be sure and check out Pixie's Pillows!

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