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What an excellent name for a site, let alone an adult site. It speaks directly to what the net has always meant to me, pix and videos. The first porn on the net was a picture. Bandwidth cost an arm and a leg and your first born. Now the net offers high quality videos and monster-size pix. The quality of the images, both still and moving has improved dramatically in concert with the dramatic drop in the cost of bandwidth. The tour for the site is enticing. The women look great. All appear to be Eastern European, mainly from the porn capital, Prague. There are no sample pix or videos. We don’t have to be satisfied with only their word that the site has over 200 of these beautiful women and that it is updated every day with 150 hi resolution pictures and 20 minutes of video. Click on the gallery update calendar and you will find a week by week break down of everything on the site and what is coming for the next couple of weeks. O boy, I seem to be on a streak, another well managed hot site. I have been waiting to be disappointed ever since reviewing a number of sites in the Kink.com network. They are so good that in comparison most of the stuff I see on the net is dreck. But Pix and Video looks very promising indeed. I love sites where the owners are proud enough and confident enough to show you exactly what you are buying before you pay. That is the way it should be. In addition, all the content is exclusive to the site and members have access to 30 bonus sites.

Wow, this is a big site and it will take the new member a little while to find his or her way around. The home page is attractive with a mix of promotional ads for other sites in the 21sextury.com network that we discover is the mother ship for this and the other sites being promoted. I am immediately confused by the list of 10 sites under the Bonus Sites section. The promotional tour said there were 30 plus bonus sites? Where are the other 20 sites? I waste a few frustrating minutes trying to find them and give up, satisfied that the there is more than enough content on this site alone to keep me busy.

I click on the News link to get the news. And the news is good. The video quality has been upgraded something that I have noticed all the good sites are doing to take advantage of shrinking bandwidth costs and better compression technologies. Since June 19, all new videos are offered in mp4 format which can be played on Macs and PCs. They continue to use WMV for their streaming videos but have upgraded its quality.

I click on today’s update to experience the higher quality specification videos, Backstage with Kyra Black. Kyra tells us "I’m open for everything; anal, swallowing, even double penetration as well." As promised the update includes 150 plus (853x1280 pixels) quality pictures and a video. The pictures depict the behind the scene of a boy/boy/girl shoot with double penetration. The video is divided into 5 segments that can be downloaded or streamed, as can the whole video. The download speeds are not great around 180 kb/s. I happen to be a fan of behind the scenes videos of erotic photo shoots. It is because they are real and as a producer of amateur erotic content myself (http://www.hothomevids.com), I like to see how the pros do it. I applaud the upgrade to better quality videos but download speeds under 200 kb/s make downloading a 421 MB file a lengthy affair. Impatient, I click on the streaming version. It begins immediately. Kyra is a pretty young woman with a tan fit body, perky breasts, beautiful, completely hairless pussy, and butt and thighs that I hope will not cause her to spend too much money on useless cellulite creams and other similar scams.

I love the video and while I would describe the quality of the download when it finally arrived as very good, I really do expect better quality in a 400 MB, 30 minute video. They should experiment with other compression formats that offer better quality for the size. That said, the quality is very good as is the streaming version. Kyra, it turns out, is a frequent model on the site appearing in several shoots. There is lots of variety. Hit the calendar. Sundays are devoted to behind the scenes shoots, pix and videos; Tuesdays are girl/girl days; Fridays are boy/girl and boy/boy/girl days. The rest of the days are solo girl updates with many of the same girls that also appear in the boy/girl and girl/girl shoots.

The sexual action in the boy/girl shoots invariably involves an anal segment before the final ejaculation, which usually includes semen play and swallowing or anal or vaginal cream pies. The sets are well lit and the video angles interesting and intimate.

This is a great site that features beautiful young women from Eastern Europe in high quality videos and pictures. The women are beautiful the sexual interaction is exuberant with anal play common to most shoots whether they are solo or involve interaction with others. The site is updated daily with pictures and videos. There is an enormous amount of content plus there are bonus sites should you ever find time to look at them.

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