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Reviewed on 2010-07-23 by Basschick




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What could be hotter than hot black hookers getting banged by huge dicks? That's what Pimp Parade is all about - black guys who talk the pimp talk and make money renting out ebony pussy. A lot of the action here features dark-skinned babes with fine round booties getting together in groups to service a trick, although a couple of the oldest videos are one on one. The site offers some hot trailers, downloadable videos and access to a 20-site porn network. Ready to watch horny hoes fuck their tricks? Then join me for the member area of Pimp Parade!

Pimp Parade doesn't exactly have its own member area. It's part of the Porn Pros network, so when you log in, you'll find yourself on the network home page. While this can be a good thing, I used the dropdown at the top of the page to take me to the Pimp Parade home page where I found 30 episodes listed in date order, the most recent update added over 2 months ago. All episodes are listed with a thumb, description, categories that apply to each update, plus more handy info. On the right are some network features and some ads, as well as a few ads on the bottom of the page.

The videos here are offered in 3 formats - downloadable WMV and MPG and streaming Flash. Even though all the WMV links say HD, most of the WMVs and MPGs are shown at the same size, which is 512x288, the WMVs with bitrates from just over 1 Mbps to over 2 Mbps. Quality is pretty good, and the latest WMV is shown at 1248x700. Each video is also offered in streaming Flash, shown at around 950x536 at a hint below average quality. Sound is good on all the videos, and they're all DRM-free. Even better, there are plenty of closeups of horny ebony mouths filled with cock and black pussies being pounded.

Each Pimp Parade video comes with 2 sets of pics - a set of good amateur quality digital stills and a set of vidcaps. The digital stills are shown at 850x580, and the vidcaps are the same size as the videos, and are average vidcap quality. The pics can be downloaded in zip files.

I did run into a couple issues at Pimp Parade. The first was already mentioned - the site hasn't updated in 2 months. The other two issues are on the join page. First, there are 2 pre-checked offers on the join page, so check them out before you join. The other, if you decide to leave the join page, expect a popup.

Pimp Parade has some good things going for it. First off, the black chicks here are mostly cute and natural, rather than silicone-enhanced pornstars. They may be hoes as the site claims, or maybe not, but let me tell you, these girls know how to suck a cock! The videos here are downloadable, and while the site hasn't updated in a while, members do get access to 23 exclusive bonus sites from the Porn Pros network. The bottom line - if you are into the fantasy of watching black hookers service their johns, Pimp Parade is definitely worth a look!

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