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Pimp 4 a Day

Reviewed on 02/18/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 5
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.0

Main: Black
Additional: Reality, Threesome

3 Day Trial: $1.85 (recurs at $39.98)
1 Month: $29.99

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First Impression:
I am under whelmed by the promotional tour for Pimp 4 a Day. Maybe they figure the domain name says it all and there is no need of any further explanation. The tour page looks like it is actually the home page of the site. Scrolling through the tour a picture emerges of what the site is about but it leaves me somewhat confused. I was figuring that Pimp 4 a Day would be about guys who would be crowned Pimp 4 a Day and get a bunch of girls that they would pimp out or something like that. Instead it seems to be about black women, and mainly one black woman Miss Tammy, picking up black guys who she calls pimps and then fucks. This is just another variation on the theme of women picking up strangers and fucking them which is of course just a variant of the guys picking up women and fucking them theme. From the tour I have absolutely no idea why these guys are called pimps. This looks like a blacks fucking blacks site that is trying to differentiate itself from all the other blacks fucking blacks sites and has chosen the route of dressing itself up as a "reality" site. The site is one of many in a network and claims to offer over 250000 videos updated daily and 600000 pictures. I am curious to learn what makes these guys pimps so let’s get in and find out. And a quarter million videos are mind-boggling. When something sounds too good to be true...

The home page is similar to but different than the tour page. There are a total of 14 episodes in Pimp 4 a Day and I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the next update. I select "Home Town Country Fucking" because it says "Missy Tammy wanted to pimpify a construction worker... so we headed back to the junk yard and made someone a lucky ass pimp". Hmmm... here in Montreal today some lucky ass pimp was just sentenced to 5 years in prison for a first time pimping offense. Anyhow it seems likely that this video should make clear what the site is about and how exactly one gets pimpified. The video like all the other videos on this site is divided into three parts: the pick-up, the oral, the fuck. Each of the parts is further divided into segments that can be streamed either as WindowsMedia or QuickTime. It is also possible to stream a whole part. I patiently sit through all three parts. Here’s how it works. Tammy is driven around by two white guys. The three of them are looking for a black guy who wants to be a pimp, every black guy’s dream it seems. They find a guy who has always dreamed of becoming a pimp. The process of pimpifying him begins. Some fake bling is hung around his neck and a fake Rolex is put on his wrist. He must now go out with Tammy to find another hooker, or "ho" in pimpspeak, so that he can qualify as a pimp for a day. They find a big breasted black babe beside her broken-down car. She gets in the van and strips while they head back to the "crib", home in regular English, where they suck and fuck the guy who finishes by cumming on the two ho’s. The screen is small and video quality just acceptable. There is something familiar about the video that makes me think of a series called "Candy from the Block" or something like that. Basically Candy drives around town picking up strangers to suck and fuck. It is a Greg Meyers production and maybe it is the same low budget, low quality feel of the video here that makes me think of him, when suddenly Greg or Gregg, as he sometimes styles himself, steps momentarily into the frame and slaps the ass of one of the girls. Thanks you Greg for helping demonstrate what I mean by low quality, that is, poorly edited, jerking unimaginative filming but always well lit mind you.

I check out several other videos. They all follow exactly the same theme and it turns out that Keisha, the big breasted babe from my first video, is the beauty of the bunch. These girls look like real ho’s and I guess that is good but I prefer more the girl next door look. I am bored. I check out the bonus sites. Yikes! Many of them aren’t as good as Pimp4aDay and it is certain that there are not 250000 videos as claimed in the promotional tour.

Pimp 4 a Day is a small site based on a weakly presented theme and offering only acceptable quality videos. The bonus sites are similar or poorer in quality and content. This is a site I recommend you avoid.

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