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There are plenty of big black butt sites and a fair number of big booty latina sites but it isn't easy to find a site full of cute white chicks with large round asses. That's why Phat White Booty caught my attention. Judging by the tour, this is a site where white babes got back, and these honeys are getting drilled in every hole by gigantic black cocks. So we're talking a triple-threat here: big white asses, interracial sex and anal. Damn - I think we've struck gold with this one. Let's head inside the member area and see what Phat White Booty has to offer!

The first thing I noticed when I logged into the member area is the latest update, thoughtfully placed near the top of the page on the left. While the pic they had up to show the episode didn't have the girl's butt toward the camera, she definitely did have a huge black dick in her mouth. Across the page from the update, on the right side, is the site news - well, sort of. In reality, the news on the page is about new bonus sites. Scroll down to see linked preview thumbs for all the Phat White Booty videos and below them, links to all the bonus sites. Site navigation seems pretty simple and the good news - most of the preview thumbs show the asses the site is named for and there are, indeed, some phat white booties inside this site.

The first video I decided to check out was of a chick named Simona. She was sort of dark skinned, so I was curious if she was really a white girl. She is, and this very hot white babe gets that big butt oiled up as she takes on not one but two big black cocks. She has two videos, so be sure and check out Simona 2 if you're looking for this video.

The movies inside Phat White Booty are shown in clips. Each clip can be watched as a broadband MPG or in 3 speeds of WMV - high, medium or low. You can stream them into a player or save them to your harddrive, and more good news is that this site uses no DRM - you just click and play the videos with no interference.

The high quality WMVs are shown at 400x300 and stream at 880k. The sound is good although just a little on the soft side and the videos start to play almost immediately. I was pretty happy as the movies are good amateur quality. If you're on slower broadband or just can't stand to wait, you can watch the clips at medium or even low quality, which streams at 78k - slow enough for guys on dialup. Also for Mac users and people who just prefer MPGs, every movie is available in MPG clips which are shown at 365x300 and are almost the same quality as the high quality WMVs.

If you like real amateurs, be sure and check out China. She's not gorgeous but this is a honey with hiney! She hops into the shower and gets that butt nice and wet, the soaps it up. Whoa! Then she is joined by a stud with a huge black cock who just can't wait to get some of that, and I know JUST how he feels. That China has a booty that is definitely 100% USDA choice.

One thing you might want to know about Phat White Booty - not every girl here does anal. They definitely have some big round asses and they do get fucked by incredibly hung black guys, but only some get booty banged. Still, when it comes to taking it up the rear, some of these girls are champs. The newer updates don't come with names, but if you love watching a plump white rump getting stuffed, be sure and check out a video called bwwb4_5. It has my personal recommendation ;)

Phat White Booty members also get access to 25 bonus sites. These aren't rented feeds or third-party plugins - these are original amateur sites with exclusive content. These sites are brought to you by the same folks that bring us Phat White Booty, and there are more big butt sites - Bubble Butt Orgy, Phat Booty Brazil and Phat Booty Hoes. There's also more interracial inside Thugs and Juggs and more anal to be found inside Tight Buttholes. All in all, these bonus sites definitely give horny porn surfers more of what they came here for.

Two things worth mentioning. There are no dates on the movies so I can't tell you how often or how regularly the site updates. Also underneath the bonus sites listed on the main page you will find some banners listed under 100% Exclusive Sites That We Recommend. These are not bonus sites - they are sites you must pay to join.

Phat White Booty delivers the goods. There are plenty of amateur white chicks here with butts big enough to rival the biggest ebony asses around. Each of these horny white girls gets fucked by a huge black cock or two, and many of them get those black cocks deep in their rears. The videos are amateur quality but the sex is hot because both the guys and the girls seem to be having a really good time. There are currently 44 videos plus pic sets and members also get access to 25 bonus sites. If you love white girls with big asses or interracial sex, be sure and check out Phat White Booty!

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