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Phat Ass Housewives

Reviewed on 10/30/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.0

Main: Wives
Additional: Ass

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.97)
1 Month: $29.97
3 Months: $59.97

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
I am not up on my Ebonics but I know that phat doesn’t actually mean fat, it means something positive and as I glace through the pictures in the tour of Phat Ass Housewives it’s clear that these asses are not fat. Well there may be one or two that veer in that direction but most are just nice round bubble butts. This site comes with two complementary bonus sites, MILF Thong Hunters and Milf Boobies. It so happens that I have recently reviewed both those sites. Both had very little exclusive content that they had the temerity to augment with exactly the same 12 non exclusive videos that were used as updates. It really underlines how little they care about the actual theme they promote in their tours that identical content could serve as updates to a boob and a thong site. I am curious and I half expect to see those same 12 videos on Phat Ass Housewives.

The member’s home page features the three sites mentioned above. Celestia is the most recent update for Phat Ass Housewives. Videos are available in three qualities and can be streamed or downloaded. I download the highest quality. The download is very fast maintaining a speed of 725 kb/s. It can also be watched in one minute segments. There are 29 of them for Celestia. There are also 40 images in the photo gallery. They are small good quality video captures. While waiting for the download of Celestia’s large file I click on the link that says "See all of our Phat Ass Housewives". There are a total of 22 housewives, but as I expected 12 of them are the same bonus movie content that I found in the updates on the other two sites I reviewed.

What luck for the operators of the site that they were able to buy content featuring milfs with big boobs and phat asses in thongs. I continue to be surprised by the thought processes of site owners that appear to believe that their members are of the same order of stupidity as themselves. What possesses people to promote three different sites in which 50% of their content is identical? How do they think we are going to react?

I want to see what the medium quality video looks like so I click that option for Cindy’s video. It is 385 MB which seems quite large to me so I click on the high quality version to see how much larger it is. It is the same 385 MB. O man, these guys are so dishonest. Wondering about the low quality version I click on it. 137 MB. Ok, so they have two speeds. This explains why the high quality version while in the wide dimensions associated with high definition is of a quality that I would rate as just good.

Celestia’s video doesn’t seem to be any more about her phat ass than the videos on MILF Thong Hunter were about thongs. Celestia is an attractive enough mature woman. Nothing stands out about the video. I have seen it hundreds of times now, suck fuck and ejaculate in her mouth. At least she has a happy face as she take his load. Cindy’s video follows a similar vein but is augmented by a search, car ride, interview before we get to the suck fuck, ejaculate, this time on her phat ass in an apparent nod to the theme of the site. My distaste for this site is showing up in the cavalier attitude I have toward describing its content in anything but the most cryptic concise terms so I can get out of here as fast as possible.

Phat Ass Housewives is one of the three sites you get on joining. The others are MILF Thong Hunters and Milf Boobies. I have reviewed all three sites now. If you combine all the content of the three sites there are only 30 exclusive videos in total, or 10 for each site. The rest of the content is made up of the same 12 bonus movies. It is quite bold of the site owners to think that the same content could serve the purposes of three differently themed sites. Of course it doesn’t. There are other bonus fillers offered that can be found on any number of other sites. Avoid this site and the other two associated with it.

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