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Peter North is not your average guy in porn. He's a star and a legend second only to Run Jeremy. With over 1000 adult movies to his credit, Peter North has made a name for himself as a guy who has fucked over 1500 women in videos - and he's also famous for shooting explosive massive loads of cum. Today we're going to visit his official website and we'll find out what Peter North offers his members.

Peter North's site is actually part of a network of sites. When you log into Peter North, you can see the latest updates and enter any of the sites. For now, though, let's go directly to the member area of Peter North.

Peter North's member area is pretty simple to navigate. Right under the site title are the navigation links and on the left of the page are links to his latest updates, pics and videos. Below that is a link to the latest update plus links to the most active thread on the network board. Last are some advertising links and a poll about the site.

I decided to get started by checking out the movies. Peter North's videos are scenes from his movie titles. There are 48 videos in the North Pole series, 19 in the Deep Throat series, 15 in Anal Addicts plus titles in the Maximum Thrust, White Chicks Gettin Black Balled, Peter North's P.O.V., First Offense, Latina Fever and Assed Out series. That's a total of 96 titles, and each one has multiple scenes - some 5 or 6. So we're realistically talking about over 300 full scenes, way more than almost any site I've seen.

Peter North's videos are available in two formats - WMV and MPG. Each video gives you the choice of high speed videos or low speed videos. The high speed videos include WMVs at 228k and 700k and MPGs at 650k. The low speed video choices are WMVs at 56k and 128k and MPGs at 350k. All videos are available as clips with no full movie option.

If you're on fast broadband, do yourself a favor and watch the 700k WMVs. They are shown at a screen size of 480x360 and when watched at that size, they look good. At full screen you'll see a loss of quality, but the videos are big enough to really enjoy without enlarging. The MPGs are a little lower in quality and the other speeds of WMV look good but they are shown at a smaller screen size. The sound on all the videos is good quality and the videos start to play quickly. If you want to save any of the vids, just right click and save to your hard drive.

Each video on Peter North comes with pics. These are large vidcaps displayed at 720x480. As is common with vidcaps, the quality is not as good as digital stills so expect a little blurring. Still, the pics do a good job of capturing all the action and are also useful to help you preview the movies. After you click a pic, you are given the choice to check out the set as a slideshow, which is useful if you want to keep your hands free.

Besides the movie vidcaps, Peter North's site has high rez pics. There are 64 pic sets, each of either a porn star or actress who works with Peter North or else a scene with Peter in action with one or more babes. The pics are shown at 800x600 and range from good amateur to amateur quality. The lighting is not always the quality you will find in the movies, but this might be because movie lighting is not the perfect lighting for pics. You can watch each set either as a slideshow or a gallery.

Beside the pics and videos, Peter North has a section called Backstage! Backstage takes you behind the scenes to 14 different porn shoots starring or directed by Peter. See the parts that usually get cut out of videos and hear the direction as well as seeing what the girls say between scenes. I love this part of the site.

On the navigation links at the top of the pages, you will find About Me. This is where you can read Peter North's profile and also a mini bio. He tells us how he got into porn and we also find out his favorite sexual position as well as his favorite sexual fantasy. Also of interest is Special Events. There is only one special event at this time, but it's pretty amazing. Peter has sex with two babes underwater and there's even an underwater cumshot!

Members to Peter North also get access to the rest of the network. This includes Peter's best-of site, Peter's Cumshots and also Lex Steele's official site. There are 26 sites inside the network and they say there is a total of 1928 movies which are searchable by niche, category or featured models.

If you're looking for a truly massive collection of porn movies, you can find it at Peter North. The site has over 300 videos available in multiple speeds and 2 formats. The movies are fast to load, come with pics, and if you ever wanted to see the cumshot master in action, this is the best place to do it. Peter North gets his cock sucked by the most beautiful women in adult so if you love pornstars or are curious about porn legend Peter North, be sure and visit his site!

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