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Pepe's Adventures

Reviewed on 07/24/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 7
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.0

Main: Reality

3 Day Trial: $4.87
1 Month: $39.73

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First Impression:
I look at the tour for Pepe's Adventures and I really am not sure what the site is about. It seems to be about nothing more that some guy name Pepe, who given the name and the 100% Chicano hat is buddy is wearing would suggest he is proud of his Latino Roots. He says he loves to show the ladies his burrito. Ha! What a droll dude. And guess what? He loves pink taco. From the trailers in the tour, I initially get the impression that he and his buddy are trying to be the Cheech and Chong of Internet porn. However as I watch more of trailers the second guy is not always the same. Pepe is the one with the fur on his chin, wearing the plaid shirt doing the Cheech Marin imitation. It seems to be his signature, the shirt, that is. The promotional tour looks like hundreds of other reality type tours I have seen. The girls are reasonably attractive. The action is your standard fucking and sucking with not surprisingly the money shot finish. There are lots of trailers so you can get an idea of whether you are going to like these guys because I think that would be essential if you join a site like this. I mean if you are not into Pepe why would you come here. I watch more trailers than I normally would and they really do nothing to entice me. Maybe you will like him more than me. I am going into the check the site out for you. Just before doing that I click on the 2257 link. This is not a good sign. The tour gives the impression of a reality site with exclusive content. The 2257 page tells a different story. A site with exclusive content usually has one custodian of record. A site with purchased content and plug-in has lots of custodians of record. There are over a 100 here. On the plus side that means lots of content. On the down side, if you have belonged to any porn sites of this variety, you will likely have seen much of the content already.

There are 10 Pepe's Adventures videos in all. I find myself wondering if somewhere there exists a DVD call Pepe's Adventures. Pepe's videos are broken into 2 minute segments. The first one I watch, Maria, can be streamed or downloaded. There is no complete version. It takes a long time to buffer when streaming and the downloads hover at 140 kb/s. The clips are large, 640 kb/s and very good quality, 1500 kb/s. I can't figure the Pepe gimmick. He does the phony accent bit with head in bandana and plaid shirt but the other guy gets the girl. His presence just seems silly. Same thing happens with Taryn the next movie. In fact that seems to be his shtick, not getting the girl and watching the guy he is with get sucked and fucked.

As predicted the site is full of plug-ins. Plug-ins are leased content hosted on separate servers. To the left of Pepe's very limited adventures are links to "Exclusive Reality Content". Exclusive plug-in content would seem to be an oxymoron. I click the first one "Banging Machines". It pictures a woman being fucked by a dildo on a piston. The link is dead. I click the next one, "Adult Associate". The link is dead. I click the next one "Anal Sex Lessons". This one works. There are 34 anal sex movies. I click a movie. It is divided into 2-minute segments. The segments stream quickly and play on a 320x240 screen. They are average quality. There are links to the next clip and the previous clip. There are 20 Exclusive Reality Content sites but nine of them do not work including: MILF Riders, Moms Need Cash, Lesbian Recruiters, His First Threesome, Huge Dick Little Chicks, College Fuck Tour and Cash Strapped Teens. It makes me wonder if they have been paying their fees to the content providers.

On the right of the home page are another 10 plug-ins entitles Member Choice with links under each saying, "rate this". Don't bother trying to rate anything. The "rate this" links do not work. The link to Private Channels takes us to a message saying the site no longer has access to this content and redirects us to "Flirt for Free" an up-sell chat site. Facial Feast does not work. Lesbomatic does not work. Lick her Licence takes you to some unrelated non-adult search engine. So 6 out of 10 of the links work. Hey that's a majority, and there is lots of content in the ones that do work. And lots of other links on the home page to other plug-ins but I have lost interest in trying to find the ones that work. Clearly no one is keeping this site up. If the site owner doesn't care about his/her site why should we?

Pepe has only had 10 adventures it seems. The site has very little to do with Pepe. It is a collection of plug-ins, a good portion of which does not work. 9 of the 20 supposed exclusive reality content sites did not work. 4 of the 10 member choice sites did not work. The impression is left that no one is caring for the site and as such it does not warrant our business.

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