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Paige Hilton

Reviewed on 03/07/2007 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 6.7

Main: Single model

30 Days: $28.69 (recurs at $25.69)
40 Days: $39.99 (recurs at $19.99)
50 Days: $49.98

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Paige Hilton is a slender 18 year old amateur with nice big 34DDs. They are full and look great on her petite shape. She's also got a nice ass. This girl looks very cute in some pics and okay in others, and has a very real amateur look. She seems to love showing off in bikinis. The site doesn't really give a feel of the unique personality of this model but Paige has a look I think is sexy.

Paige Hilton is part of a network of sites, so whether you are in the network or in Paige's site itself, you can always find both her site and all the other network sites by using the buttons at the very top of the page. Paige is part of the Exclusive Softcore Sites but there's plenty of hardcore in Our Exclusive Sites and a large library of DVD content in the DVD Archive.

The main member page is divided into 3 parts - latest movie updates, videos and pics. The updates are dated, although there's no description or title. Unfortunately the dates on the updates are all from 4 months ago, so it appears this site has been abandoned by its owners. The question is - is the content here good enough or is there enough of it to make joining Paige Hilton worthwhile? Let's find out.

Paige Hilton offers 18 videos in WMV format. They are 640x480 with a high bitrate of 1.59mb. If you watch the vids in the embedded player, you will be seeing them smaller than their actual size but it's still okay. If you prefer to watch the video full sized, click DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE and the movie will play in your Media Player - and if you right click, you can save the video to your harddrive.

Each video is listed by only a thumb and there's no real title or description from Paige. Also you can tell from these thumbs that some of the videos are only one of 2 parts. For example, there are 2 videos of Paige wearing a white and pink bikini in the pool that are actually only 1 video broken into 2 parts. One has page in the water, her bikini top full to bursting and barely able to hold her big tits. The other has page rubbing oil on her body.

For the most part, the videos are shot during the photo shoots, so you won't find many videos of Paige looking at the video camera and her audience. Also you'll see her doing still poses for the camera or being told how to pose. But there is some good stuff, also.

Paige Hilton's movies include showing her sucking on a lollipop, sensuously eating a banana in 2 different vids, and there's lots of her teasing and showing peeks of part of her yummy tits. What you won't find here is full nudity, so if you're looking for pussy, you've come to the wrong place.

While there are 49 pic sets inside Paige Hilton, this number is a bit misleading. In reality, each photo set seems to be half a set so there are around 24 or 25 full pic sets. In order to see a full set, you will have to click both thumbs from that photo shoot. There are no zip sets or slideshows.

The pics are shown at around 533x800 at average porn quality. While there are some nice shots showing Paige's breasts, body and butt, these stills are obviously shot by a very amateur photographer who doesn't light his pics well and doesn't always get the shots I'd most like to see. Neither the photographer nor the videographer manage to bring out the best in Paige, although I think she's a pretty good model for a beginner with a body that just begs for attention.

There's not enough pics or videos of Paige smiling or playful or looking like she's having a good time, which would have added more fun to the overall content. Since Paige has a lot of cute factor, her pics and videos would bring people back to her site if the photographer and videographer caught more of her personality, but for the most part this is a collection of body part pics - tits and ass - and an inexperienced model doing her best to look sexy. Luckily she's naturally sexy, so some of this comes through.

If you like real amateur content or you fall madly in lust with Paige Hilton at first sight, you may find her site worth joining. There's no model involvement like a blog or an email link to contact her but there is a nice smaller collection of very amateur pics and videos of Paige but keep in mind that this site does not update. Members also get access to 7 more non-nude sites, 5 featuring other single models. And of course, members also get access to a huge collection of bonus porn. Guys who like non-nude sites or want access to tons of porn and softcore pics and videos should probably check out Paige Hilton and see more of what the site has to offer!

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