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Reviewed on 2007-03-01 by Frank




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First Impression:
Oye Loca apparently means Yo Crazy Girl. This is a site featuring Latina girls which to me are generally unrecognizable as Latina save for the text identifying them as such. I have a thing for brunettes and they seem to predominate here. The site is constructed around some guy name T-bone and his buddy. He makes it his mission to cruise Miami in an effort "to find every crazy Latina we possibly can, pick them up right on the street, and give them the old "Stud Vicious treatment"... and we won't stop til I get 'em all!" I hate to break it to you T-bone but it has been done before and oh so many times. I am tired of looking at guys in cars, vans, bus, trucks, limos, etc cruising streets, sharing banal banter looking for the girl who will get into the car with complete stranger and who will within minutes agree to suck and fuck them. And they call these sites "reality sites"? At least from the tour it looks as thought T-bone and his bud bring these girls back home to fuck them. So beside the Latina focus I am curious to see how these guys deliver on this time-worn porn vehicle.

Well what do you know? I like this site. Thankfully there is very little running around in a car looking for the girls. The scenes usually begin with the pick up of a girl they know. It can be at the beach or in someone’s backyard or around the pool of an apartment building. The girls vary from the "girl next door" to "stripper". A couple of the videos I watch even take place in a strip club with dancing pole and smoky atmosphere. The sex is bareback and only involves vaginal intercourse although there is lots of licking these girl’s fine asses. The site represents what for me is the best kind of reality site, a place where the sex is real and the people act themselves. Sure the girls have all signed a release form and provided photo id and have been paid for the shoot but they act as thought they are really enjoying what they are doing. One has the feeling that these are not porn professionals.

The site is very well organized. There are 32 girls at the moment, with a new girl being added every week. Click on the girl of your choice and you have the choice of downloading her whole video as a high-resolution WMV file or downloading 3 large segments, either as WMV or MPEG files, or downloading (MPEG) or streaming (WMV) one minute segments. There is also a photo shoot with each model and the images can be viewed in one of the best slide shows I have yet to see on the internet. Set the slide-show at its highest speed and you too will be astounded. The only draw back is that each time you start the slide show it begins at the first image. It would be nice if it would start from the image of your selection. The site invites feedback from its users so maybe if they get enough requests they will remedy this. I find their request for feedback refreshing and another thing to like about the site.

I download the large format WMV and MPEG versions of the videos. They are large (640x480 pixels) and very high quality. The download speeds are also very impressive with single downloads maintaining speeds over 500 kb/s. My favorite model is Summer, not because she is the most beautiful, although she is pretty enough, but I like her because she comes across as a real person. She is a bottle blond who doesn’t look Hispanic to me and the three works of Spanish she uses does not convince me. I love the ice-cube play on her breasts and pussy. I have done this kind of shoot myself and you can be sure the shock of the ice on those body parts breaks through any artificiality. This girl likes to fuck and is not afraid of cum. The other girl that really impressed me is a sweet brunette named Isabella. She has such a cute face as she stares up into the camera encouraging the cock above her to cum. That look alone could make me cum. Other honorable mentions go to Rebecca and particularly Alexis, an intoxicatingly beautiful exotic young woman from Peru.

I started off convinced that this would be another cookie cutter site but I was very happily surprised. It has been a long time since I really liked a site that I reviewed and I really like this one. I like the way it is organized. I like the girls. I like the camera work and I like the sexual action. There is a good amount of content and members can look forward to a new girl every week. Plus there are bonus sites.

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