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Only DP

Reviewed on 12/25/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 8
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.3

Main: Threesome

1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $59.95

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First Impression:
When I was a kid DP meant something completely different. It meant Displaced Person. It is fascinating the way the porn Internet world has created its own acronyms that have usurped original meanings. The other example that springs immediately to mind is ATM (ass to mouth). Now whenever I see a sign announcing an ATM (automatic teller machine), the porn definition comes unbidden to mind. I prefer the new meaning of DP. The old one was almost always used pejoratively. As the promotional text in the tour says, "When one cock isn’t enough...". The women in the tour look young and fresh and enthusiastically ready to be double penetrated. Membership in this site gives you access to all the sites in the Brain Pass Network. Brain Pass is one of the few multi-site networks that contain quality paysites that could stand on their own.

The most current video is Yumi. My heart skips a beat. Could it be my Yumi? She has never done anal or double penetration in a video to my knowledge. I click it, but alas it is another Yumi, not quite as pretty as Yumi U but with Yumi U’s beautiful breasts and constantly erect nipples. The video can be viewed in parts as an MPG (650 kbps) or as a WMV (700 kbps) or as a full movie. The full version of the movie is large, 720x480 pixel, and very high quality (2 mbps). That is the option I chose. The video quality is excellent and the action is totally hot. Yumi seems to really enjoy being fucked in both the ass and pussy at the same time and there is a lot of ATM action. The scene finishes with both guys jerking off into a martini glass. Yumi swallows the contents and then cleans the inside of the glass with her fingers licking off the dripping cum. The scene fades to black with her sucking both dicks flaccid.

The home page says there are 78 videos. This is a very impressive amount of content. The videos on the home page must rotate. Yumi is no longer there. I click on her replacement, Carmellita. There is no full version of her video so I click on the WMV option. Her scene is divided into three parts. Screen size is reduced to 480x360 pixels but the quality is still very good. Carmellita has a wonderful body, beautiful natural breasts and a shaved pussy like a closed clamshell. She does a delightful tease at the beginning and the cameraman can’t resist fondling her perfect boobs and pussy. Because the site is only double penetrations we know that soon two cocks will be probing her lower orifices. And indeed they do. Double penetration in the movie means that there is always two cocks in her, often one in her mouth and the other in her pussy or anus. It also seems that ATM and DP now go hand and hand. The scene ends with her enthusiastically swallowing two loads.

Where do they find these beautiful women? Wellen is a slimmer prettier version of Carmellita. She looks as though she likes rough sex judging from the handprint bruises on her thighs and buttocks. Wellen’s video like Carmellita’s is not available in a full movie version. Her prominent nipples remain diamond-hard throughout the vigorous pounding all her holes receive from the two young virile and very hard cocks these guys wield. This movie seems to confirm that DP and Anal go together like a horse and carriage, can’t seem to have one without the other. As do fine facial finishes. Wellen eagerly swallows two separate loads of cum and looks as though she would be happy to have more.

The women just get better and better. The content is consistent in its quality. At first I can’t figure out why none of the videos I look at after Yumi’s have the option of viewing the whole of the movie. I back my way out of the site and discover that Yumi is the latest update of the network, not this site. It was just a coincidence that she was doing a double penetration scene. It is an indication though, that there are probably many more DP videos on this multi-site network then the substantial number that you will find in Only DP.

Only DP delivers on the promises of its tour. The site has lots of double penetration content. The women are gorgeous. The video quality is excellent. And you get access to the many other quality sites in the Brain Pass network.

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