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Nude Beach House

Reviewed on 08/14/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 6
Price vs content: 4
Overall: 5.3

Main: Sex parties
Additional: Lesbian

3 Day Trial: $2.95
1 Month: $38.80
3 Months: $58.80

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Now here is a web site that could have appeal to my fellow denizens of the North. The words "nude" and "beach" go so beautifully together. It is summer as I write this and a particularly hot one so I am just as eager to get on a nude beach as I would be in winter. And I would find that beach particularly alluring if it had as the beaches on this site purport to, "horny, naked beach chicks!" The tour design is enticing. The girls look great against the warm sand-colored background the designer has chosen.

There are 8 trailers in the tour. They are offered in 3 speeds and download quickly. Quality is good. The trailers depict groups of girls frolicking on sandy ocean beaches in bikinis and naked, girls frolicking on a bed and getting tongues and hands on each other’s pussies, girl orgies and girls gone wild kind of stuff. In fact that latter video was one I have seen before in some "Girls Gone Wild" compilation. This is, of course, a bad sign. It means they are using purchased content rather than content made exclusively for the site. With more modest expectations than I had before I recognized the trailer, I enter the site.

The latest update to the site is "Nude Aerobics". It has links to photos and videos. I am always curious to see if the photos are real photos or just video captures of the shoot. In this case they are real photos, 533x800 pixels. There are lots of them and they were shot at the same time as someone else was shooting the video. There is no slide show function, nor is there a zip download. From looking at them I think I will skip this video but it will be appealing to the voyeurs amongst us. It features 6 very attractive women exercising in the nude. While I can see that some of the exercises would have a marginal aerobic value to them, don’t expect to see jumping jacks. I head instead to the shoot entitled "Birthday Party". It was one of the trailers featured in the tour and had the look of an all girl orgy. The video is divided in 14 segments. No full version of the video is available. There is a choice of large or small. I click on the large option of the first segment. My video player opens and after confirming my user name and password the video starts to stream. The quality is barely adequate and much poorer than the quality of the video I viewed in the tour. Something is definitely wrong here. They have it backwards. Tour videos are supposed to be poorer quality than the videos inside. That is why we pay to see them. The video segments are 5 and half minutes long and follow the antics of the same six girls from the exercise video as they smear cake icing over each other’s bodies. There is nothing hard-core here and the quality is unacceptable.

I find out while waiting for another movie that will not start that not all the movies are WMV as I thought because the Birthday streamed immediately. As it turns out they are mislabeled as MPEGs, something I just noticed now. I am curious to see if the MPEG segment I am downloading from Beach Day Hawaii is any better quality than the WMV segments. Download speed is 121 kB/s. In fact the quality is better. I rate it as good on the 320x240 pixel screen. Remember I download the large files. There are 40 scenes on the site. Not all of them contain both photos and videos. Some I soon discover are only photo shoots. I don’t know what the ratio of only photos to both photos and videos is because I can’t be bothered to check each one. I do know I discovered 3 shoots that only include photos. And there is nothing to advise you in advance that the shoot will have no videos just like there in nothing to let you know whether the video is WMV or MPG. They are all labeled MPEG.

Nude Beach House is a nice concept but does not work well in the execution. There is not very much content and some of it you may have seen before elsewhere. Photos are small and there is no slide show viewing option. Video quality varies greatly. Videos are only available in segments and most must be downloaded to be viewed. Some of the updates contain no videos. There are bonus sites available but this site doesn’t warrant joining just to see them.

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