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Reviewed on 07/17/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.6

Main: Teen

1 Month: $29.31
4 Months: $85.00

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First Impression: provides a definition of nubile on the site's promotional tour. "1. A girl who has reached sexual maturity, when a girl blossoms into a woman, 2. Sexually mature and attractive. Used of young women". That should make it pretty clear that this is a teen site. Heading the tour page is a picture of my friend and one of my most favorite models and the first model I ever photographed, Celeste. Here she is called Ravon. She is almost worth the price of admission herself and it certainly gives me a very good first impression to see that amongst all the beautiful young women here, the site had the good sense to feature her. And the site's members have had the good sense to rate her in the top 3 girls on Nubiles. provides a huge multi-page tour. All the up-dates since September 2004 are shown on the front page. There are another 3 pages of 15-second trailers for each of the girls on the site. We can see clearly exactly what the site has to offer. There will be no surprises, which will be a welcome relief to those who have been deceived by web site tours in the past. In fact, my recent experience has been one where if the site delivers what it says it will, that is the surprise. That is why I love sites that put the content of the site in the promotional tour. You don't see it all that often but you do see it with sites that are well managed and proud of their content. Flitting about the video trailers I see so many women I want to check out inside. Most of the movies appear to be solo girl shoots with the girls stripping and masturbating. There are also a few girl/girl and boy/girl movies. Check out Ravon's 15-second movie trailer and you will see why I find her so hot. I predict I am going to really like this site.

The home page is one very long page. The girls are arranged alphabetically from A (Addison) to Z (Zeina). There are 165 girls as of today, July 12, 2006. When I click on a girl, her page opens up with Pictures on the left and Videos on the right. Each picture set and video set has a rating based on the cumulative total of all the ratings given by the previous members who have viewed them. The number of picture sets and video sets varies form model to model. Pictures sets can be downloaded as zip files if desired. There are links to five big pictures and they are BIG, 3072x2048 pixels. You have to scroll around to see what you are looking at. It would work better if the image were crystal clear. The ones I look at are not and would be better viewed at a size that actually fits on the screen where they would look sharper. Pictures of each girl are also compartmentalized into her body parts which I found a little quirky, for example legs shots, breast shots, butt shoots, close-ups.

Videos are divided into segments and can be downloaded by segment or complete scene. Videos for most of the girls I look at are only available in mpeg format. For some girls there is also an avi version that we are told requires a DivX codec to view. I also saw some video shoots that were available in two sizes of mpeg, but they were so close in size I couldn't figure out why both were offered. All the videos can be saved to your hard drive. I find they download very quickly and I am able to maintain download speeds in excess of 250 kb/s when downloading two videos at a time.

The women here are really beautiful. There are many who equal the beauty of Ravon and that is saying a lot. These girls are like flower buds that have just opened. They are at the peak of their youthful beauty. It is almost a public service to allow us to see such varied beauty. And that beauty is captured here forever.

As a member you get access to a number of bonus sites including and If you remain a member for two months you gain access to another tier of bonus sites. There is so much content on Nubiles that the bonus content seems almost superfluous and really is just gravy. With 2-4 new girls added every week, each with several photo and video shoots of their own, you may be hard-pressed, no pun intended, to keep up.

Summary: is a teen site with over 165 very beautiful young women, with approximately 10 new girls added each month in weekly updates. The videos all load fast and are of good quality and can be saved to your hard drive for viewing as often as you like. All the girls are very attractive and some are perfect 10's. The content is exclusive to this site. Members have access to a number of bonus sites immediately on joining and gain access to a second tier of bonus sites if they renew a second month. I think if you join there is a good possibility you will want to stay longer than one month, not for the bonus sites, but to see the new sets of beautiful women in the next updates.

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