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Nikki Price is a cute, slender and horny 20 year chick. She's exotic - a mix of Chinese, Latin, Irish among other things. Nikki is bisexual, or perhaps I should just say sexual. She's into sucking cock, jerking guys off and fucking, and she doesn't mind sharing a cock with a girlfriend or making out with another amateur honey. The tour doesn't give any info about updates or mention any bonus content, but the links to the join page says Download this FULL MOVIE, so hopefully the videos are downloadable. Let's log in and take a look at what the member area has to offer.

The Nikki Price member area starts out with a welcome that includes an email address to reach Nikki personally. Some of the videos and some of the pic sets are listed on the member home page, and on the right are links to more info about Nikki in her Me and Faq sections. The Me page also links to a welcome video. The site currently offers 29 videos, 23 pic sets and each video also comes with a set of vidcaps. There are no dates anywhere, but I've checked a few places and it appears that this site does not update. I also found no link anywhere to her blog as was mentioned on the tour, and the Friends sites on the lower right of the pages are sites members must join to access.

The videos here are offered in streaming Flash, and are shown at about 620x458 in an embedded player. Quality is mostly average, although one or two shot in lower light were below average. The videos stream smoothly with fairly good sound, but some vids are louder than others, so make sure if you turn up to hear a quieter video that you turn down before playing another one. The videos are not offered for download.

The 23 photo sets are good amateur quality, and are shown at 533x800. Like the photos, the pics shot in lower light are a bit lower in quality, and there are some that are a bit overlit, but not too badly. The pic sets are offered in galleries, and do not come with downloadable zip files although you can save each pic individually.

When it comes to action, some of the pic sets and videos have more going on than others. The video called Kissing Girls is short and all that happens in it is kissing, which is hot but 4 minutes ain't enough. In one video, nothing starts to happen for over 11 minutes. They drive, look at the beach, walk a bit. Luckily the streaming videos can fast forward without loading. On the other hand, some videos, like Wet and Rainy or True or False, get right down to business. There's a lot of cock stroking and sucking here, and some fucking, too, and Nikki does guys all over - a rooftop, the bathroom, a garage, her bedroom and while doing the laundry. She also does a masturbation video and a dance on her webcam. But to be honest, what Nikki seems to like to do best is suck dick. I like that in a girl ;)

The site does have some issues worth mentioning. For one thing, there's a pre-checked cross sale on the join page that you should probably read before you hit the button to join. Next, as already mentioned, the site doesn't update. It also doesn't keep a couple tour promises - there is no blog and the videos are not downloadable. Last, here's something that's not an issue but could use correction - each video listed says it's 15 minutes, but that's not true - the first one I watched is 24 minutes, one was 4 minutes and yet another was almost 33.

Nikki Price gets a mixed review from me. On the one hand, if you like slender girls in their early twenties who love to suck cock, Nikki is definitely worth checking out. Her videos have a lot of personality, as do the descriptions and other text on the site. On the other hand, with 29 videos and 23 pic sets, there are no updates, no bonus sites, and the videos aren't downloadable. The bottom line - if you find Nikki hot, and can't wait to watch her do various guys, slurping on dicks and getting fucked, you'll probably find this site worth joining.

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