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New Solos

Reviewed on 11/22/2006 by J.R.

Amount of content: 5
Quality of content: 9
Navigation: 8
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 7.0

Main: Masturbation
Additional: Hi-def

3 Day Trial: $1.85
1 Month: $29.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
The site reviewed here is New Solos. The site's theme is solo girl action with HD (high definition) videos. Each update is a new model doing the solo thing. I'm not exactly sure what makes these solos any newer than any other, but when have site titles made much sense anyway? The main feature here is seeing the girls in HD quality.

The main member's area is fairly direct with a single column of main content and a brief navigation menu in the upper left side. Though most of this site's content is in its own sections, the most recent updates are found right up front and the rest of the main column takes you to bonus content. The left side of the page has a handful of ads under the nav-menu. Getting around the site is easy enough with links direct to the videos and photos sections, though the "latest updates" page isn't very helpful since it includes updates on the whole network and doesn't link to the individual episodes, only the site's main page. The site's a little wide on my 1024 display. I guess they're expecting widescreen audiences with higher resolution displays, yet it works all right for me and the side-scrolling is barely noticeable. One thing I found a little annoying was that each page took an extra beat to load even when I had just seen them, but it's a minor issue at best.

The models here are moderately attractive, slim blonds and brunettes, but generally a bit skankier than I was expecting based on the tour. Nearly all the girls have a few tattoos, some are also pierced, both in the modern fashion seen a lot these days. The theme is solo girl action: the girls swirling around a little, stripping down, and masturbating by hand, not many used sex toys. The setting seems to be neo-1980s-styled living rooms - I wonder why that's remained the porn staple 25 years past its prime.

There are just 14 videos on the site right now but there's a reason for that. While the episodes themselves are not dated, they claim they update their sites daily and the recent updates list has current daily updates for the past 4 days in the list - if that's the case, it'd mean this site has only been open for 2 weeks. I confirmed independently that they've only been online about a week at the time this review was written, so they're currently on-track with their claim. Whether they'll really update daily I can't say.

The HD videos are offered in WMV format at 1280x720, which is a true 16x9 widescreen ratio video size, and around 2000 kbps bitrate which is high-quality for the web. The videos are about 7 to 9 minutes long each. For some reason, the HD video opens on a page displaying it much smaller than its natural display size, but can be sent to full-screen for maximum viewing size. My medium-level DSL (2.5Mbps) takes about 15 seconds to buffer the large videos, your mileage may vary, but once it starts playing it streams in consistently. The videos are also offered in standard-definition WMV and QuickTime formats, displaying at a head-scratching 380x214 at about 500 kbps bitrate which begs the question: is there no happy medium between giant and small?

I don't have an HD monitor, but the HD video image looks very good on my regular screen. On my system the HD videos play choppily dropping as much as 2/3rds of the frames - however I have been told by an independent party that the same videos on their machine play very smoothly. The standard-def videos look good but are too small to be a big deal. The camera work and lighting is tight, clarity is great and they are well-lit. The shots are mostly medium distance and move into close-up occasionally. The sound is decent, mostly it's an overwhelming music soundtrack with occasional moans that are picked up pretty well but don't take main stage like they should.

There are 81 photo galleries on this site which is a bit confusing since there are only 14 videos, each photo gallery has about 100 photos in it. The galleries don't seem to be organized in any obvious order and don't seem to correspond to the video episodes, I found 1 gallery that matched up to a video but didn't notice any others (though their choice of preview thumbs may have something to do with that), there are no names or dates, the main gallery page just has 1 preview thumbnail image for each gallery - click thumb and its full gallery appears in a pop-up window. The pictures are great quality and fairly large - the "tall" pictures are 683x1029 at about 160k, while the "wide" pictures are 1549x1029 at about 150 to 350k. The choice of pictures is quite decent, you get a whole story without an undue amount of repetition.

Bonus content includes access to their 7 other exclusive HD sites, plus another 54 reality, single girl, and hardcore sites. They claim there are over 75 bonus sites, I can't verify that but the 54 I found is still a pretty decent number.

One of the big negatives for me about this site was the "samey" feeling from the videos. They seem a tad repetitive from one vid to the next and all convey the same tone. Another big negative is that each video is only about 7 to 9 minutes long, that's not really very much video at all, it leaves each one feeling like not much is going on in each vid. Also, they add a black bar to the bottom of each video with a line of text for their 2257 record-keeping info and their site name, not only does this use up some of the vertical space on the screen but it's also just annoying and distracting - I can take a site logo in a lower corner but this seems too much. Finally, I expected the video episodes to have links to corresponding photo galleries but they do not.

New Solos is a rather straightforward site, no challenging navigation and no guessing where things are. The models are allright-looking if a little on the trailer side. The shoots are basically off with the clothes and get right to masturbating. The site is very new so there aren't many updates but so far they've kept pace with their promise so the number of vids should go up quickly. The HD videos look great even on a non-HD monitor, but they are large so they may take a little longer to buffer and older computers may not be able to play them smoothly. There are a lot of exclusive photo galleries with big photos, but there is no organization or clue whether most are the girls in the videos. The site also offers plenty of bonus content. So if you want HD video porn and you have a decent computer, you could give this a try since you get access to 8 HD porn sites, but I'm not sure I could recommend it to people with older computers or slower broadband.

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