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Naughty Nati

Reviewed on 07/25/2007 by J.R.

Amount of content: 4
Quality of content: 7
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 5
Overall: 5.9

Main: Single model

3 Day Trial: $2.93 (recurs at $39.93)
1 Month: $29.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Naughty Nati is our next review, and I think it's worth noting that "Nati" is short for "Natalie", which I didn't know until right now. Anyway, this is a single-model site. The tour shows Natalie doing a lot of posing and masturbating, and a little hardcore; they also claim but don't show girl-girl but a quick look inside the site shows otherwise. The site promises weekly updates, videos and pictures, and access to 65 other sites, so let's check it out.

The members area is pretty spare, yet organized and simple to use. There's a navigation bar near the top of the pages with 4 links, no way to make a misstep. Bonus site links are found near the bottom of the pages, but just above them are 6 "best friends" thumbnails which are actually advertising, that's a little misleading. The only possible issue navigating inside this site is that the photo galleries open in new windows with no links back, just make sure to close the gallery window and not the main site window.

Natalie is cute, late teens, has a nice body, short brunette hair, blue eyes, freckles, and a number of tattoos. She's not the biggest fan of smiling, but it does happen on occasion. Many of the scenes are her stripping and playing with herself, sometimes with toys; there's 1 episode where she fucks the camera guy, but that's the only hardcore guy-girl episode. Videos run anywhere from around 12 to 25 minutes.

There are 11 videos in the members area, including the "upcoming" video that actually seems to be the full-length vid. I wish I could tell you how often it updates, or even if it does at all, but there are no listed dates anywhere.

Videos are offered in WMV and QuickTime MOV formats, which can be streamed or saved to hard drive. The vids are 320x240; the WMVs have a bitrate of 291kbps. A note on the size, if you use the Firefox browser, the WMVs will display in the popup window as a wider, shorter view. These can go to double-size without hurting too bad, they can even go full screen looking pretty digitized but still visible. Playback is smooth and there's no DRM.

The videos look alright, pretty good for the bitrate - I recently reviewed another site in this network with the same size and bitrate where the videos looked terrible, so part of the difference here has to be the camera. Lighting is good enough, and it's shot amateur camcorder style but doesn't move around too aggressively or jerky. Audio is set pretty quiet, but it's adequate when you turn up your volume.

There are 32 photo sets in this site. Each set has around 50 to 100 pics. The photos range in size from around 560x842 and 70kb to 700x1053 and 300kb. The pictures look pretty good, they're smooth and have nice detail; some sets are a little dark though. These photos have an amateurish feel to them, but without the negative sloppy aspects most amateur porn photos suffer - it's true, whomever is shooting Nati here can actually focus a fucking camera!

Bonus content starts with access to 6 other single-model sites in the network, including All About Ashley, Hot Haley, Jenny Heart, Sara Sexton, Solo Sydney, and Want Wendy. There's also access to 36 other sites in the network across a number of hardcore themes and niches, the links inside the members area let you enter them without re-entering your password. You're probably thinking "but they said there'd be over 65 bonus sites, that's 42", true, but if you noticed on the Naughty Nati join page there were links to 70 other sites, 28 of which aren't linked inside the members area, yet those sites actually work too with your password.

Negatives starts with a lack of update dates, and almost certainly a lack of updates altogether. There's also just not much content at 11 videos. And the tour makes more of the guy-girl action in here than actually is, and fabricates girl-girl action completely.

Like most solo girl sites, you're probably going to join if you like Natalie because odds are you won't see her elsewhere. Naughty Nati is a cute girl, but there aren't updates and only 11 videos on the small side. The vids look alright though, and there are 32 photo sets which look decent as well. There's a fair number of bonus sites, plus almost 30 more if you know how to find them. Bottom line, Naughty Nati needs more content and regular updates and without them there's not enough here to make it worth joining.

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