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Naughty Indian Girls

Reviewed on 02/25/2007 by Frank

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 6
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 6
Overall: 6.7

Main: Indian

3 Day Trial: $1.00 (recurs at $39.95)
1 Month: $24.95

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First Impression:
I am looking forward to checking out this site. My preference in women in sex videos is the girl-next-door look. I love the contrast between the innocent, she-could-be-my-sister look and final cum-drenched, lust-filled look we are left with as the scene fades to black. This is what I am looking for in Naughty Indian Girls. India is a very conservative country. Even the increasingly ballyhooed Bollywood of today is still shy about depicting a kiss on screen. So the thought of Indian girls disrobing and fucking on the internet is a bit of a shock. From the video trailers and images of the tour, while it is clear these women are not Calcutta hookers, they range in appearance, from the girl of my dreams to let’s say, the mother of the girl of my dreams, who might have been a hooker when she was young. That is, they are a mixed lot, representative of the varied spectrum of body types and beauty. They do all appear to have an Asian sub-continent heritage with the exception of one girl who looks Chinese to me. There are twenty-five women depicted on the tour. As I look more closely I see that the site is playing loosely with the Indian theme. They have girls from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. That’s like having a site called Naughty Canadian Girls and peopling it with women from the USA. The site is one of a network so I am expecting that the content is likely not going to be much more than the 25 women depicted on the tour.

In fact there are 34 videos of Naughty Indian Girls. They are contained in 10 DVDs of Indian material. The homepage is, not surprisingly, devoted to introducing us to the other content of the larger collection of DVDs within which, our meager 34 scenes are housed. The site is updated each day with an impressive number of videos. I click back as far as the week of January 8 to see if there are any updates with girls from India. There are none. Today is February 19 2007. They also show the updates for the coming weeks. I check up until the end of March. There are no updates planned for Indian girls but there are lots of other scenes that definitely I will want to come back and check out. I am impressed with how well the future updates are organized and I am impressed with the amount of DVD content on the site. But I am here to review the Indian Girls material and it is disappointing that Naughty Indian Girls is receiving so little update attention.

I click on the most popular Indian girl scene, scene 1, Girls of the Taj Mahal 3. It sounds so exotic. The video can be streamed in segments or it can be downloaded complete. There are three streaming qualities, low, med and high. I did not notice any difference between the med and the high. There are two download sizes, 512kbps and 1024kbps. I choose the latter. Download speeds are good and that is a happy thing because the files are very large. Exotic the video is not, although the star is an exotic Indian woman. However with a name like Destiny Deville and a standard suck and fuck scene with a Black American in an L.A, bed video fails to play on Destiny’s Indian heritage beyond the three minute opening interview. Destiny talks about the cultural conservativeness she grew up in and how as a teen she discovered her sexuality and moved to LA where she could give it full expression. She has a lovely Indian British accent honed by living in Britain no doubt. The video opens with a long shot of her transparent panties, proceeds through what you expect of a US adult video and climaxes with a cum shot to her lovely brown tummy, a nod perhaps to a continuing remnant of conservatism. Video quality is very good.

I really like the look of Ayshu on Girls of Taj Mahal 3. She is dressed in traditional garb with the red dot between her eyes. She has beautiful breasts and hard nipples when aroused. Unfortunately the sex, even though it is with two guys, is lethargic. And she very clearly would prefer that the guy not cum on her face, which he does anyway. Karishna from Girls of Taj Mahal 8 on the other hand welcomes two loads of cum in her awaiting mouth. She claims Kashmiri heritage but speaks fluent American English. She is a lush woman of generous proportions, all natural, and she fucks with an exuberance Ayshu lacks. The videos of Naughty Indian Girls are a mixed bag and very western in their format and delivery. I am disappointed.

Naughty Indian Girls has 34 videos of women of the Asian sub-continent. There are a few beauties but most of the women are of average looks. I am disappointed with the content. I was initially excited by the concept of presenting women from such a conservative heritage in sexually explicit scenes. But the scenes, with the exception of the Indian costumes worn at the beginning, are just your standard western style porn. I was looking for something more exotic. The bonus material on the other hand is quite enticing.

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