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Naughty Bookworms

Reviewed on 04/18/2006 by Frank

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 8
Overall: 8.5

Main: Teen

3 Day Trial: $1.95
7 Day Trial: $4.95
1 Month: $24.95

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First Impression:
The site I am checking out today is called Naughty Bookworms. It is another one of those classroom based porn sites; you know the kind, students fucking their teacher or as in this case, the teacher fucking the student. The site describes itself as being about "Nerds who screw their professors to raise their grade. How far will they go to get that A+?" Well from the looks of the trailers on the site, they go all the way. This is a Naughty America site. I have seen 4 or 5 of their other sites and I have been favourably impressed with them all. This site pursues the old and familiar theme of women who screw their way to the top using their sexual wiles to get what they want. One thing leaves me scratching my head though, I though nerds were supposed to be smart. Most nerds I have known know more than their teachers. That small conundrum aside, I find the video teasers to be torrid. The site is updated weekly and the new update is shown in a trailer on the tour. Take your time to view the trailers. They show you exactly what you will find inside. I know I have seen enough to want to go inside and see more.

Inside the site is set up exactly the same way as Hot Times At Naughty American University and My Sister's Hot Friend, two other Naughty America sites I recently reviewed and that happen also to be bonus sites available to members of this site. There are nine bonus sites that you can access with your password.

I click on Kaci Starr because hers was one of the trailers I viewed on the tour. I was attracted to her because she has a more of your average girl look. It makes her seem more real and believable than some or the top model type girls you will also find here. Let's just say her nerd quotient is higher. She has nice natural breasts and the red bra she is wearing looks like something a nerdy girl might wear under the very nerdy sweater she is also wearing. The professor can't resist squeezing her breasts through the flimsy material as she sucks him to an erection. You can see her nipples through the material when they harden under his caresses.

I am a little surprised, when he lifts up her dress, to discover that her thong matches her bra. I would have thought a nerd might not pay attention to that sort of thing but she is after all, a naughty nerd. She is soon placed on a table with her legs spread and her professor tonguing and fingering her pussy. She is a chubby little thing who seems passive in her participation in the sex. One of the nice things about being a nerd is that you get to wear glasses for the final facial thus saving the eyes from the stinging semen assault.

I look for something hotter after the unusually restrained performance, by Naughty American standards, of Kaci Starr. I find it in a video with Randy Spears, Nadia Styles and Jean Marie. This is more like it. It has the best dick sucking sequence by two girls that I have yet to see. Only a pro like Randy Spears could have got through it without cumming. The fucking is hot and creative. The final cum shot and the shared cum-covered kiss finishes off the scene on a satisfying note.

I click on another half dozen videos. They are all superior to the first one I watched. There are hours and hours of high quality viewing material here. I can see why the members' bulletin board has members who have been here long enough to make over 4000 postings. With all this content updated once a week and similar updates occurring on the other hot sites in the network, there is little need to go elsewhere for your masturbatory material.

This is another excellent site in the Naughty America network of sites. It has a huge amount of original content updated every week. In addition, members get access to another 9 bonus sites, each with a huge amount of content up-dated every week. The women are young, natural, fresh and sexual. The quality of the shoots is superb by porn standards. The lighting is excellent. The settings are varied. The camera angles are imaginative. This collection of videos is amongst the best I have come across in my many years of trolling for porn. If you like hot looking girls openly enjoying uninhibited sex, I guarantee you will like this site. Naughty Booksworms gets my high recommendation.

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