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Naughty Athletics

Reviewed on 05/16/2008 by Basschick

Amount of content: 6
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 7
Price vs content: 7
Overall: 7.0

Main: Uniforms

3 Day Trial: $1.95 (recurs at $24.95)
7 Day Trial: $4.95 (recurs at $24.95)
1 Month: $24.95

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
When you go to the gym do you find yourself staring at girls working out in tight spandex workout clothes? And when you're driving down the street or passing your local college, are you turned on by the chicks running in tight clothes and the cheerleaders? If you said yes - and who wouldn't - have I got a site for you! It's called Naughty Athletics and it features girls working out, jogging, playing tennis, and they're all wearing the kind of tight tiny athletic clothes that tend to make men's eye bulge. Did I mention yet that this is a hardcore site? That's right, the girls here also fuck and suck. So what we waiting for? I'm off to check out the member area of Naughty Athletics.

When I logged into the member area, I was first taken to the Naughty America home page, which isn't surprising since Naughty Athletics is part of the Naughty America network. We'll get back to the network shortly, but first let's check out the videos and pics over all Naughty Athletics.

There are currently 38 episodes at Naughty Athletics, each offering video and pics. Something I appreciated is that each episode is dated, which makes it easy to see that the site updates regularly once a week. A quick glance at the 16 most recent updates shows some mouthwatering babes working out or playing various sports. Most of these girls are hot and really have the bodies for the tight shorts they wear.

Let's talk videos. There are some very good movie options here. If you're looking for the best the site has to offer, go for the videos called DVD. These are WMVs shown at 720x540 with a bitrate of about 2 Mbps, and they look good. You can download or stream them in your choice of clips or the full video. Next in size and quality are the High videos, shown at the same size with a lower bitrate of around 1 Mbps. And if you're on slower broadband and like WMVs, there's a third size called Normal that is shown at 480x360 with a bitrate of around 576k.

For those who can't watch WMVs or who want videos to watch on their iPods, there is also 3 MP4 options of each video. You can download the full scene, download the movie in clips or download a 5-minute "on the go" version of each video. And if you prefer MPGs, you can download a smaller MPG version that is shown at 320x240 and is available in both clips and full scenes.

Each episode of Naughty Athletics also comes with two sets of photos - a set of digital stills and a set of vidcaps. The digital stills are good amateur quality or better and are shown at around 800x535. The vidcaps are fairly good for vidcaps and are shown at about 652x432. Both sets of pics can be browsed in a thumbnail gallery, download it in a zip file or watched in a hands-free slideshow.

Just to clear something up, the girls of Naughty Athletics are not bodybuilders, fitness models or athletes. The models here are pornstars and porn regulars who may not be queens of the gym, but they sure look hot in their workout gear and in these reality scenarios. On the other hand these chicks really know how to suck a cock and are very eager to fuck - and after all, isn't that what porn is all about?

Full members of Naughty Athletics get access to 20 more exclusive sites in the Naughty America network. Most of these sites feature weekly updates and a similar quality content to the content found in this site. And that's a good thing. Full members also get access to live shows done exclusively for the network. The shows are by schedule and they are good quality and hot. In fact, I'd say that the live shows alone are worth the price of admission. I was lucky enough to catch Christa as she stripped and did a nasty shower show - good stuff!

One thing worth mentioning is that the trial memberships are limited trials. Trial members do not get full access to the content nor to the bonus sites. The trials are a good way to get a taste of the member area, but if you want access to everything, you'll need to spring for a full month.

Naughty Athletics is one of the newer sites in the Naughty American network and it delivers exactly what it promises - hot babes in workout attire at the gym, playing sports and looking sexy. The videos are downloadable and offered in three formats, there are two sets of pics offered with each episode and the site updates every week like clockwork. And of course full members get access to the entire network of sites plus the live shows. While I've seen bigger sites and some with higher quality content, Naughty Athletics does a great job of giving their members exactly what they're looking for!

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