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Naughty Allie

Reviewed on 11/29/2007 by Eddie

Amount of content: 9
Quality of content: 8
Navigation: 9
Price vs content: 9
Overall: 8.8

Main: Single model

1 Month: $29.99

Members Area Preview:
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First Impression:
Are you tired of looking at boring, sleepy chicks with their half-assed solo sites littering the porn internet? Horny web amateur Naughty Allie finds her niche in the solo wife niche with an extensive and clean looking tour and promises of lots good porn inside her site. The tour alone takes it to the next level. Let's go on in to the members area and take a closer look.

Naughty Allie has blonde hair, is 27 years old, stands 5'6" and has big 34D tits. She is attractive - not in a fashion model sense, but is more of a natural girl next-door type. She seems really involved with her site and that's because she is. She and her husband Jake built this thing from the ground up and maintain it personally. She appears to be very comfortable in front of the camera and seems to have no boundaries about what she does in front of it.

Naughty Allie runs a tight ship around here. The only things the members area page has are a little bit of welcome text, some site navigation links on the top of the page and that's it. The links at the top of the page are pretty easy to figure out - just click on one to go to where you want. Let's go from left to right and click on the first one next to the "Home" link which is "Journal".

Our blonde vixen likes to keep her members up-to-date on what's happening, and it shows. Four years of diary entries for nearly every month of the year and sometimes more, plus a healthy archive shows that Naughty Allie likes to write. And as a member you get to write too, because after each entry you can add comments and feedback directly to Allie who more often than not answers right back. Next link - "Photos".

Naughty Allie has about 103 picture sets (plus or minus a couple) detailing her adventures in porn. The pics are high quality, clear and sharp, but sometimes a little on the small side at about 640x480 to 1024x768, they are nonetheless decent amateur pictures. Lots of text describing the action and a slideshow feature make for a professional-like presentation.

Next up is the "video" link. Under this link you'll find "videos" and "video stills gallery". Approximately 109 episodes which are not cut up into clips but are full-length scenes and are offered in only one format: WMV. Broken down further into two speeds Lo and High. Lo speed videos average in size from 320x240 to 360x240 and work pretty good. Bandwidth is 268k or 431k which is a bit rich for 56k users but doable for everybody else and they only start to get fuzzy when you go full screen. High speed versions of these scenes run between 640x480 to 720x480 in screen size, and about 732k to 1,13M in bandwidth. These episodes probably won't work too well for the dial-up crowd as these videos have a lot of detail and feature great color and sound values. Nice and sharp out to 200% and only slightly pixelated at full screen, theses make most amateur videos look like they were filmed through a beer bottle.

With her videos shot mostly by her or her husband Jake, Naughty Allie gets busy in a variety of porn situations. Lesbian, group, orgy, interracial, outdoor, oral, anal, masturbation and pretty much everything else gets Naughty Allie off - and you get to come along for the ride.

On to the video stills gallery. These are vidcaps of the action and lucky for us all the blurry and screwed up images that are normally left in other sites vidcap sections have been culled out of here. These are good quality vidcaps that seen to freeze the finer points of each episode for future reference.

Now let's breeze through the rest of the navigation links at the top of the page. Next up is a "Live Cams" link. Several options are posted up here and are easy to figure out. Some of these are feeds that feature all kinds of other solo chicks including Naughty Allie. The "About Me" link is a no brainer and has the stats on our web amateur. What is also cool is a "FAQ's" page describing basically what Naughty Allie will and won't do among other things.

The remainder of the members area features are "Extras", "Store", and "Contact". The extras links features extra bonus sites and other neat things to see and do while you are taking a break from the rest of the site. Games and preview galleries from Naughty Allie's friends are included as well. Each is well described and leaves no doubt as to what is going on here. The "Store" link speaks for itself - this is where you buy Naughty Allie stuff, but this moment it's not ready. "Contact" speaks for itself also - this is where you can contact Naughty Allie personally or handle membership cancellation issues.

Problems? Only 1 minor issue here and it is that there are no dates on the episodes. This is like I said minor issue because the site on the whole is just so kick ass. Improvements? Well since I can't count too well I'd have liked to have seen the video episode page broken up into smaller pages. 109 videos with text and thumbs on one page is a tall order for me to count.

Ok now let's talk about a few things here for a minute. Quality, follow-through and commitment - Naughty Allie has all three. Quality in content, concept and in execution. All the details save for the two small issues that I mentioned above are taken care of. Clean, literate text, no fuss web design - which puts you with in 2 clicks to any content, and a genuine interest in taking care of the member all add up to follow-through and a level of commitment that I have yet to see in any porn site. Here is a web amateur who takes this shit seriously. I can safely say that every established and beginning webmaster wanting to work this field should check out this site - for Naughty Allie has raised the bar to new heights of quality. And if you are just a regular guy looking for what is probably the best solo girl site in the web they sign up today for a membership and enjoy.

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